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Magic Weapons

Nautimo's Leviathan Vanquisher (75pts)

Prince Nautimo was the son of a Nautican King and heir apparent. The Prince was the King's most accomplished and loved son and he was entrusted with many of the greater affairs of state. Prince Nautimo travelled far and wide in his time as the Kingdom's principal emissary. He ventured ever further abroad for months at a time and ever deeper in search of his kin from which his people were sundered during the catalysmic Daemonic Wars.

Nautimo is credited with the greatest underwater display of individual heroism in Nautican history. He mortally wounded a Leviathan and chased it back to the deep before perishing from his injuries. While much of his great victory is remembered in the Nautican history books as a result of his valour, his enchanted trident played no small part.

Oceanic Trident (+1 str, armour piercing)

Always hits and wounds on a minimum of 3+* irrespective of any other modifiers (armour saves taken as normal).

Each unsaved wound on any enemy with the Large Target rule causes not 1 but d3 wounds.

* or better if the bearer's strength and target's toughness would ordinarily give a lower "to wound" roll requirement.

Life Saver (50pts, Life Saver Power - one use)

A regal Nautican heirloom, the sword was retrieved from the charred and defiled bed chambers of a Nautican queen in waiting. Realising that the Daemonic hordes had breached the Royal quarters and her life was now forfeit the Princess had thrown herself onto the blade rather than be carried away and used as a Daemonic plaything.This sword is imbued with the spirit of a life cut short and destiny unfulfilled.

Characterisitcs : +1 strength vs undead.

Life Saver rules :

Once per battle, at the very beginning of any combat phase, the Nautican wielder can declare that he's unleashing the power of re-life from the sword. If the Nautican is killed in the following combat phase then he/she is immediately restored to life with d3+1 wounds*

* this can take him above the number of wounds on his / her starting profile.

** the sword's power can only be unleashed once per battle but counts as a magic weapon for the whole battle.

Sea Staff (45 pts, bound item power level 5)

A solid magical shaft consisting entirely of sea water held together by elemental water magic.

The Sea Staff bestows the ability to cast the Waterblast spell. The bearer cannot carry any additional magical items if they carry the staff - the sea staff is extremely sensitive and other magic interferes with the elemental waters.*

* If the character bearing the staff suffers an unsaved wound by a magic attack from any source the sea staff's power is depleted for the reaminder of the battle.

After the staff has been used roll a d6, on a roll of 1 or 2 the staff's power has been drained and it cannot be used again for the duration of the battle.

The staff counts as a magical weapon.

Swordfish Broadsword (45 pts)

A light and powerful great weapon that moves and strikes with the same grace, speed and power of it's ocean namesake.

Great weapon (is not subject to the always strikes last rule), d3 wounds

Snake 'o Nine Tails (40 pts)

A nine thronged lash of venomous sea snake heads. 9 str 3, poisonous attacks*.

* replaces bearer's attacks.

Stinger Whip (25pts)

A whip comprised of long, trailing jelly fish tendrils that can strike paralysis into a body wounded by the nerve agent stings.

Attacks strike the enemy at the strength of the bearer. If the enemy incurs one or more wounds (that do not kill) then the enemy model loses 1 attack.

The whip can strike any model in an enemy unit in base to base contact with the bearer's unit and within 6 inches of the bearer. All whip attacks must be directed at the same model (if the model is killed then any additional wounds caused are not carried over to the rest of the enemy unit and therefore do not count towards combat resolution).

The tendrils are so long that the bearer can use the whip as a stand and shoot charge reaction weapon with a range of 6 inches using the bearer's Ballistic Skill (with the normal -1 to hit stand and shoot charge reaction)*

* The whip "shoots" with the number of attacks on the bearer's profile. When used as a stand and shoot weapon the whip does not cause paralysis (the stinging tendrils do not make enough prolonged contact with the charging enemy to deliver sufficient nerve agents to paralyse them)

The Replicator Cutlass (25 pts)

A mysterious rune encrusted cutlass found by the Nauticans in Red Beard's sunken Slayer Pirate wreck.

Red Beard entrapped some sandgangers in a huge glass egg timer and threatened to sink the vessel deep into the seas where it would be lost forever unless the sandgangers revealed the secret of their doppleganger powers to him. This was, of course, akin to asking a terradon how it flies.

Red Beard however was quite mad (too much grog !) and not one to take "no" or even a gritty, sandy "huh ?" for an answer. Red Beard separated a part of a sandganger from it's body before sinking the egg timer into the abyss. He then had the sand bound in a rune of entrapment and a rune of magnification. As a result the cutlass, to some extent, demonstrates similar properties to a sandganger's doppleganger powers.

When the replicator causes a wound (even if this is saved by armour, ward, regeneration or any other means) the weapon attempts to mimic the properties of the enemy.

This results in the bearer temporarily gaining an additional attack for that combat phase using the enemy's unmodified profile strength and the bearer's Ws. The attack is carried out immediately in the same combat phase before combat resolution. The attack can be directed against any enemy in base contact.

Doldrum Sword (25 pts)

When this weapon cuts an enemy, it spreads the ancient despair of thousands of lost mariner souls and the enemy is almost overcome with the hopelessness of their cause.

When the blade causes an unsaved wound (whether or not this results in a kill) the enemy and any unit it is a part of suffers -1 to it's leadership until the beginning of the next enemy turn.

Fin Flail (20 pts)

This weapon infuses the bearer with a maniacal fury. From afar his deadly thrashing appears akin to the frantic thrashing of a shark feeding frenzy.

Flail, (+2 strength in 1st round of combat due to flail rule), wielder is subject to Frenzy.

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