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this Warhammer army is unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Army designed by Sigmar from Battle Reporter.

Magic Banners

The Tsunami Wave (150pts)

Containing the raw unadulterated power of ocean magic this banner washes the air of the winds of magic and cleanses all "unclean" land based magic in it's path.

The unit bearing this banner is totally immune to all surface world magic including magical missiles, spells and magical attacks of all kinds. All enemy Magic items of units in base contact count as mundane items while the enemy unit remains in base contact.

Spellcaster within enemy units in contact with the banner bearing unit cannot cast spells while they remain in base contact.

The unit's attacks count as magical attacks.

The Millenial Fathom (95 pts)

This mysterious bronze relic, believed to be a standard of the Ancients, was retrieved by Nautuno, Nautica's most famous son and the most renowned of the Trident Guard elite. Nautuno discovered the standard in an uncharted abyss a thousand fathoms beneath the waves. He wrestled the prize from the "unspeakable one", a malicious chaotic spirit that scours the blackest waters for souls. Nautuno swam deeper and for longer than any Nautican had ever managed before or since but paid for the withering endeavour... with his life.

This standard belongs to the Trident Guard and the Trident Guard alone. They keep it in memory of Nautuno who was the greatest of their kind. The Trident Guard will not suffer another unit to carry the banner or even a hero or lord, other than the Army's Battle Standard Bearer to join their unit while they march into battle with the Millenial Fathom.

In honour of Nautuno, the Trident guard always leave an empty space in their ranks.

  • The standard makes the unit Unbreakable
  • The unit cannot be joined by any character except for the Battle Standard Bearer.
  • The banner can only be carried by the battle standard bearer (who cannot take another magical item)
  • In honour of Nautuno, the Trident Guard unit that bears the standard will leave a space in it's ranks at the beginning of a battle and will always be deployed with a frontage of 5 and either 14, 19, or 24 troops.
  • No one other than "the appointed" may touch the standard so if the battle standard bearer dies the unit loses the banner and their unbreakable quality.
  • No other magic standard can be included in a unit bearing the standard.

The Compass Banner (45 pts)

The unit bearing this standard moves with a deliberate direction and pace like no other. The unit is naturally aware of it's surroundings and can automatically navigate the quickest route through any terrain.

The unit suffers no movement penalties for any movement whatsoever on the battlefield. This includes but is not limited to turning, reforming and movement across difficult terrain.*

note however
  • the unit cannot move into or over impassable terrain.
  • Any enemy magic spells or items that would normally affect the unit's movement continue to do so.
  • The unit continues to be subject to the normal shoot and move rules.

Creatures from Below (40pts)

Even the bravest Nauticans fear to go to the deep places of the Ocean, especially those areas tainted by Chaos. This banner is imbued with the trapped essence of those few who tried and lived to tell the tale.

Units carrying this banner cause Fear.

The Bull Shark Banner (35 pts)

Depicting terrible visions of frenzied shark attacks, this banner imbues it's bearing unit with a savage blood lust rage that can never be quelled.

Unit is Frenzied and never loses Frenzy.

The Vemonous Spine (30 pts)

Depicting images of the lethal poisonous spined denizens of the deep.

The unit bearing this banner make poisonous attacks and gain a regeneration save of 4+ against poisonous attacks (both missile and close combat)

Eversail (30 pts)

The banner behaves like a huge magical sail pulling the unit swiftly into combat with enemies of the Nauitcan race.

  • +d6 inches charge range
  • +d6 inches pursuit

The unit carrying this standard can never opt to flee as a charge reaction and must always pursue.

Protection of the Shoal (25 pts)

Invoking the power and protection of ocean shoals and strength in numbers. The unit carrying this banner counts as double it's usual size for the purpose of psychology tests (such as losing a combat resolution to a fear causing enemy).

In addition, the unit benefits from +2 to it's combat resolution (rather than the usual +1 for a standard bearer)

Scourge of the Sailor (25 pts)

What any surface dweller fears most about the seas is thirst. Surrounded by water but not a drop to drink. This banners brings to the mind of the enemy a terrible quenchless thirst.

New enemies in base contact must pass a toughness test* before their first round of combat against the unit carrying this standard (characters test separately). Enemies failing the test suffer -1 strength in the ensuing 1st round of combat* a roll of 6 is a fail.

* The banner only affects an enemy unit the first time it encounters the banner bearing unit. The enemy soon realises that while the unquenchable thirst seems to sap their strength, they must toughen their resolve and fight to survive - thirst is the least of their worries ! Because this is a toughness test it affects units usually immune to psychology.

Note: the banner does not affect units with the undead rule.

Sea Sponge Standard (25 pts)

This standard protects a unit against hostile enemy magic.

The first enemy spell each turn that targets a unit carrying this standard is absorbed on a roll of 5 or 6 and the spell does not affect the unit. Furthermore, if the Sea Sponge absorbed a spell that turn then the Nautican army gets one extra power dice in it's next magic phase.

Healing Salt Spray (25 pts)

The banner rains powerful healing sea slats down upon the unit bearing it. These salts instantly salve cuts and soothe the effects of concussion and minor blows. The cumuluctive effect is that the unit suffers less in battle than others without the banner.

The enemy causes 1 less wound in combat * The wound is restored before the combat resolution calculation.

* This is always a wound incurred by a rank and file model, never a character.

Pressure of the Depths (25 pts)

Few creatures can withstand the crushing pressure of the deep ocean. This banner mirrors this crushing pressure in order to protect the Nautican army from enemy weapons.

Units carrying this banner have a 6+ Ward Save against all mundane enemy attacks including missiles and close combat. The banner does not protect against magical attacks (missiles or close combat)

Blistering Sun (10 pts)

This banner shines with the radiance of a blistering summer sun on a cloudless ocean. The glare is so unforgiving that the enemy is unable to ready their missile weapons in preparation to receive a Nautican charge.

The enemy cannot use the stand and shoot charge reaction against a unit bearing this banner.

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