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Army list changes (summary)

A record of all the updates so you can keep track of changes since your last visit.

Updated to draft 3.8.3 following lots of thought and playtesting !

15-Dec-09 11:15 gmt (draft 3.8.3):-

Core Units

Crest Riders
- unit selection restriction relaxed. Army must now include a Siren or Mermaid to include Crest Riders. Numbers of Crest Rider units were previously restricted to spellcaster's magic level.

14-Dec-09 17:00 gmt (draft 3.8.2):-

Rare Units
- unit size changed from 2+ to 3+ (this was a mistake in the original list)

- unit size changed from 3+ to 2+ (this was an mistake in the original list)

Magic Items - Enchanted
Book of Malaise
- reduced effective distance from 18" to 12"
- reduced bound power from 4 to 3
- reduced cost from 55 to 50pts (allowing hero level character to take item)

Dream Staff
- reduced cost from 55 to 40pts (it was over valued for a one use "specialized" item)
- clarified rules

Seeds of Maze Weed
- rule clarification re: pusuit / flee

Magic Items - Banners
The Tsunami Wave Banner*
- reduced in cost from 150 to 135pts

The Millenial Fathom*
- increased in cost from 95 to 110pts

* during play testing we could find lots of reasons to take the Millenial Fathom as the Army Standard in preference to The Tsunami Wave so I decided to narrow the points gap between the two.

14-Dec-09 16:15 gmt (draft 3.8.1):-
Guardian of Time
- wording changes and rule clarifications

- reduced special ability to avoid a miscast from 4+ to 5+

- a unit of Weresharks lead into battle by Zharc counts as a special unit choice rather than a rare unit choice.
- increased cost from 200 to 210pts.

- reduced cost from 180 to 170pts

Magic Items - Weapons
Leviathan Vanquisher
- reduced cost from 85 to 75pts

Life Saver
- increased restored wounds from d3 to d3+1

The Replicator Cutlass
- greatly simplified, made more useful for lower level characters, pts cost remains the same

Doldrum Sword (new)
- added a weapon that has a negative effect on enemy leadership when it causes unsaved wounds.

Magic Items - Armour

Bejewelled Gauntlet
- reduced from 60 to 50pts *

* I could see very little reason for a Nautican commander to select this armour at such a high points cost. It can be valuable in certain situations but manufacturing those situations will not always be easy given the absence of a fast moving flying mount.

Leviathan Platemail
- reduced cost from 55 to 45pts, reduced magic resistance from 2 to 1.

Starfish Shield
- improved armour save (kept maximum restriction), increased cost from 20 to 25pts

Magic Items - Arcane
Crystal Chime
- changed from a bound item to a one use only item, reduced cost from 45 to 30pts

Muses Harp
- added leadership test for enemy to pass before spell takes effect.*
- increased bound power from 3 to 4
-reduced cost from 40 to 30pts

* I thought this spell might become too "annoying" for the enemy so I reduced it's effectiveness but increased it's bound power to make the enemy question whether they will try to block it.

Coral Amulet
- increased cost from 20 to 25pts
- changed rule to give army extra power dice rather than just caster

13-Dec-09 23:00 gmt (draft 3.8):-
Wording changes
- to numerous to mention, I will only list changes here which affect the army list rules

Army Wide Special Equipment
- The Nautican Speargun (the superior cousin of the Fisher Speargun) is now only available to character models (following the removal of the Deep Diver unit) and has been increased from 3 to str4.

Aqua Lore
a general measured boost to spell powers and some rule clarification

2 - Symbol of the Southern Ocean
- limited to Nautican characters with 3 wounds on their starting profile
- removed the limitation on characters that have already moved
- cannot be used on mounted characters

3 - Sea Surge
- increased distance moved by +1 inch per magic level of the caster
- increased casting cost from 7 to 8
- reduced targeting range from 24" to 18"

4 - The Dead Seas of Time
- removed "remains in play", this is now a permanent effect on the enemy

5 - Summon Water Elemental
- reduced casting cost from 10 to 9
- increased distance that the elemental has to remain to the the spell caster from 6 to 8"*

6 - Tidal Wave *
- spell has been rewritten to effectively drown those encumbered by armour or thick scaly skin and to render useless some machinery of war.
- casting cost increased from 12 to 13.

* I'm expecting to receive some criticism about this spell because it can, in certain situations, be quite devastating. Eg. if there are 3 units of Knights approaching one behind the other and the Tidal Wave hits all 3.

However, I think on balance the enemy will soon learn to avoid positioning themselves thus and approach with more care ! The spell is costly against less armoured enemies. I have lessened the likelihood of it being misused by modifying the can be cast into combat rule.

12-Dec-09 18:00 gmt (draft 3.7.2):-
Rare Units
- Wereshark frenzy reduced in str from 6 to str5, cost lowered from 60 to 55pts

Special Characters
Zhurf (Retired)
- Arrival of Coral Hunters, Crest Riders, Zu-Xhi the sprat Hero and Stingrays as a Core Unit has superseded the need for a fast moving character. Also, no suitable models found of the right size.

Characters Page re-organised and links renewed.

Miniatures Page
Added Aqualops & Seaweedlings, removed retired units and moved Stingrays into Core.

12-Dec-09 17:00 gmt (draft 3.7.1):-
Special Units
Manta Rays
- changed to Stingrays and moved to core section, profile slightly changed, selection restrictions

- new unit added *
* I wanted something a bit quirky and random making it's selection questionable but sometimes suprisingly useful and influential.

Deep Divers (Retired)
- their purpose has been somewhat superseded by the arrival of the Coral Hunters

12-Dec-09 13:30 gmt (draft 3.7):-
New section added to show "Retired Ideas".

Core Units
Wave Breakers
- str increased from 3 to 4 at no additional pts cost
- Standard Bearer & Champion (Ripcurl) cost increased from 8 to 10pts, musician from 4 to 5pts

Tide Watchers (Retired)
- I could not find any suitable miniatures so unit has been removed

Manta Rays (moved in from Special Unit section)
- name changed to Stingrays (Manta Rays do not have barbs - I didn't realise !)
- toughness reduced from 4 to 3 and cost dropped from 30 to 25pts
- magically bound rule added (to restrict use somewhat)
- added MR1 to suit magically bound "fluff"
- restriction, 1st Stingray unit must be taken as special or rare if Weresharks included

29-Nov-09 20:30 gmt (draft 3.6.3):-
Rare Unit
- Fortunis (giant ethereal sea turtle that bestows luck on the Nauticans)

25-Nov-09 23:23 gmt (draft 3.6.2):-
Hero Level Characters
- Zu-Xhi (Sprat hero character added)
principally to to lead a single Crest Rider or Coral Hunter unit and give them skirmish ability*
* in preparation for removal of Deep Diver skirmishing unit.

24-Nov-09 23:23 gmt (draft 3.6.1):-
Hero Level Characters
- K' Li Mare (Octobipod hero character added)

Rare (Special Units) - Octobipods
- Changed some wording and split out Grapple for Slippery When Wet! rule

23-July-09 23:00 gmt (draft 3.6):-
Magic Items - Enchanted Items
- Silver Gale Ring (30pts, bound power level 3) - the ring provides the ability to prevent a single enemy unit from march moving for a single turn. It has been included to balance the Nautican army after the loss of the Man 'o War (10" flyer) and to bolster the Nautican spellcasters (by sometimes forcing the use of an enemy dispel dice / scroll)

Special Units - Lobstrosities
- base size now 40mm instead of 25mm (to fit with suggested miniature)
- wounds now 3 rather than 2
- pts cost lowered to 32pts (was 35pts), Grandimanus 14pts (was 15pts)
- minimum unit size now 2+ rather than 3+

20-July-09 22:30 gmt (draft 3.5):-
Rare Units
- Man o' War removed
- Octobipods added
Reasoning behind death of the Man 'o War (and Octobipod arrivals)

4-July-09 14:15 gmt (draft 3.4):-
Special Characters
- The Guardian of Time
New miniature discovered by Axinous (from the Battle Reporter forum
Profile updated to make Guardian's qualities more representative of the suggested miniature (Ws -1, T+1, W+1, A+1 Ld-1, Stubborn rather than Unbreakable when within 12 inches of The Anchor, chain lash attack +1 str)

18-June-09 23:30 gmt (draft 3.3):-
Special Characters
- King of the Seas
New model image included (will be added to list of miniature sources)
Description changed to reflect the lack of armour - profile stays the same

- Siren
New painted model image added (painter: pascalrooze@hotmail.com)

18-June-09 23:30 gmt (draft 3.3):-
Special Characters - Zharc
- profile and rule change for Zharc
Zharc emerges as his true self (a Wereshark) the father of weresharks !

18-June-09 21:30 gmt (draft 3.3):-
Rare Units - Weresharks
- new unit added to rare choices
- Manta Ray unit can only be taken as rare choice if Weresharks in army

13-June-09 11:30 gmt (draft 3.2):-
Special Units - Lobstrosities
Clarification of parry rule - now whole unit must choose to parry or not parry before each combat round.

16-May-09 19:00 gmt (draft 3.1):-
Army List Text
Loads of changes to the text, mainly minor. Some for rule clarification, some spelling/grammar corrections.

Special Units
Tripoon - rules for wounds inflicted on the tripoon unit
Oceanic Trident Guard - allowed Guard Captain to take magic weapon/armour (25pts)
Interceptors - simplified rules explanation, does not change actual rules.

Magic Items
Talismans: Orb of Illusions - changed to unit size 15*

* this actually makes the orb significantly more "selectable" in an army list. Did not change points cost - pending feedback. In the final analysis, it can not actually do any damage to the enemy, only bluff them into actions they might not otherwise take.

Special Characters
Guardian of Time - can use his Throttle attack against any size of enemy opponent.

Added new artwork from Gareth Pannan: Interceptor, a Tripoon Battery harpoon, A Royal Nautican Chariot (character mount), Vortex (Special Character). Thanks Gareth !

9-May-09 22:15 gmt (draft 3.0):-
Special Characters
Vortex - added

5-May-09 21:50 gmt (draft 2.9c):-
Character "Mounts" (see foot of characters section)
The Great White Titan - added (for Lords & Heroes)
The Royal Chariot - added (for Lords & Heroes)
The Eternal Wave - added (for Mermaids & Sirens)
Character options updated.

4-May-09 23:20 gmt (draft 2.9b):-
Core Units
Tide Watchers - changed net tangling effects. Increased effectiveness and risk of a bad cast.

Sandgangers - clarified rules, allowing a sandgangers to choose which enemy to "emulate" at the beginning of each combat phase. This makes them more flexible and useful for the tactically astute.

Special Units
Interceptors - increased from 11 to 12 pts (including upgrade or interceptor to destroyer). This still makes them relatively cheap given their battlefield potential but they are limited to a single unit of 15 models per army and I felt they bring a much needed unique benefit for the Nautican army.

Giant Crabs - rule clarification for granite attack.
Lobstrosities - improved armour save for close combat from 5+ to 4+ (deemed necessary because they were not appealing enough for army selection in comparison with other units when compared on a pt for pt basis)

Deep Divers - scalemail pts corrected from 1pt to 2pts (previous mistake). Also added a unit maximum to limit "hooking" power. Reduced from 10 to 9pts. Changed unit leader name from Line Caster (which is the Tide Watcher unit champion to "Hooker" - which should raise a laugh or two :D

Rare Units
Leviathan - increased armour save from 5+ to 4+. Made the Leviathan slightly more reliable. It will not go freal in turn 1. Increased pts cost from 370 to 380pts.

Octopus Giganteus - corrected flee move from 3d6 to 2d6. Change -1 weapon skill to -1 to hit for enemies fighting through the ink mist. Slightly changed wording.

5-May-09 21:15 gmt (draft 2.9a):-
Magic Items - Weapons
Nautimo's Leviathan Vanquisher trident added - to hit and to wound modifiers and especially effective against enemies with the Large Target rule.
Stinger Whip - clarified that user's ballistic skill is used when adopting a stand and shoot charge reaction. Reduced pts cost from 40 to 25pts
Sea Staff - added. Ranged Waterblast bound spell

Magic Items - Armour
Great Clam Shield - increased points from 35 to 40pts
Spirit Shroud of the Seas - increaded pts from 30 to 45pts
Lion-Fish Cloak - added item. Provides some protection against non-weapon bearing enemies (eg those with talons, claws and other non weapon attacks)

Magic Items - Arcane
Cystal Chime - reduced pts from 55 to 45, reduced power level from 4 to 3
Knowledge of Shoal of Strength - reduced additional casting cost from 2 to 1
Coral Amulet - added, +1 power dice to bearer

Magic Items - Talismans
Vial of Healing Sea Salts - added. Heals a single wound.
Talons of the Father of Sea Eagles & Shell Horn - minor changes for clarification.

Magic Items - Enchanted
Book of Malaise - reduced points from 65 to 55pts, slight wording change.

Magic Items - Magic Banners
The Vemonous Spine - improved regen save vs poison to 4+
The Bull Shark Banner - added, frenzy that is never lost.
The Tsunami Wave banner - added, nullifies all enemy magic in base contact.

5-May-09 12:00 gmt (draft 2.9):-
Nautican Lord - clarification: speargun option is of Nautican type not fisher type
King of the Seas - ward save change (from 5 to 4+), pts increase from 460 to 490 pts
Guardian of Time - small reodering of text
Mermaid - clarified the "Peerless Beauty" rule with respect to missile units firing upon the mermaid and units immune to psychology being able to ignore the rule.
Nautican Prince - clarification: speargun option is of Nautican type not fisher type. Clarified BSB rule and specified that BSB cannot be army general.
Zharc - added Causes Fear (to boost attractiveness of taking this character)
Zhurf - changed Surf Ring power to Waterblast spell (to make character more useful)
Zheala - can only join units of Trident Guard, Wavebreakers or Tide Watchers. Regeneration save of 4+ for units that Zheala joins. Limited units Zheala can join.

4-May-09 00:25 gmt (draft 2.8a):-
Special Units
Tripoon added - a battery unit of 3 harpoons (not as effective against ranke and file and shorter range than bolt thrower but good against enemies with a regen save)

27-Apr-09 23:20 gmt (draft 2.8):-
Core Units
Coral Hunters - increased max unit size to 25 (same as Cresters)
Coral Hunters - added "Safety in numbers" rule allowing units to combine.
Crest Riders - changed limit on numbers of units that can be taken by army. The maximum allowable is now the same as the magic level of the most powerful Mermaid or Siren in the army.
Crest Riders - Added "Safety in numbers" rule and it's effect on the Wave Breaker charge.

Special Units
Oceanic Trident Guard - Bodyguard rule added
Interceptors - new unit added (specialist fighters of Denizens of the Deep)
Interceptors - added to Army Wide Sea Creature Origins rule = Deep

26-Apr-09 23:10 gmt (draft 2.7):-
Army Wide Special Rule - Nautican General bonus removed (that is, the extra flee, charge distances and benefit of using a special character (combat res "outnumber" rule)

26-Apr-09 21:40 gmt:-
Army Wide Sea Creature Origins - special rule added

21-Apr-09 20:30 gmt:-
Special Characters - Zharc
- added Shark Hide Skin (scaly skin 5+ armour save)

- Siren
clarified Enchanting Dream rule (The siren adds +1 to the combat resolution of a Nautican unit if she is positioned in the front rank.)

Special Units
- Trident Guard (pts cost down from 15 to 12pts - see below*)
- command group and option's pts amended
(note upgrading a Sea Trident to Oceanic Trident is now only 1 pt)

* I am specifying a 25x25mm base size because I think most people will probably use Lizardmen Saurus models for Nautican Trident Guard units. This reduces their effectiveness and so needs to be taken into account in the points cost.

Also, I have compared the Trident Guard with Chaos Warriors, Bloodletters, Dark Elf Black Guard of Naggarond and various other units and think I have over priced them in any case.

Special Units
- Lobstrosities
added "Relentless" rule so Lobstrosity can always march move (same as Dwarf rule)

Special Units
- Giant Crabs - specified unit strength = 6

19-Apr-09 22:00 gmt:-
New Banner: creatures from below - unit causes fear (40pts)
New Banner: pressure of the depths - ward save 6 against mundane attacks (25pts)

18-Apr-09 22:20 gmt:-
Core Units - Crest Riders / Coral Hunters
changed "Guppy" nickname to "Sprat" (I just couldn't get used to "guppy")

added "Small Fry" rule - other Nauticans don't suffer panic if CRest Riders / Coral hunters get destroyed within 6^ or flee from combat or even if they flee through the Nautican unit.

Changed Anarchistic name to Anarchic (which sounds like a better use of English !)

13-Apr-09 21:45 gmt:-
Core Units - Crest Riders / Coral Hunters (ie. all "Guppy" units)
Added "Anarchistic" rule, cannot be joined by a character.

4-Apr-09 22:15 gmt:-
Being added:-

Rare Unit - to be decided (hopefully by my forum members)
Vortex* - a special character to replace Vulcanis

* Vortex will be a magical water based entity with special powers to surround units engaged in combat with a "water whirpool". This will prevent units from fleeing (so first to flee, friend or foe, will be automatically "Caught" and destroyed). It might also prevent units from firing into combat (ie Skaven) and provide some sort of constraint on units joining a combat surrounded by the whirlpool. I'm still thinking it through.

4-Apr-09 21:55 gmt:-

Core Units
Mariner Souls - removed (see note below)

Rare Units
Ghost Wreck - removed (see note below)

* Mariner Souls and the Ghost Wreck have been taken out of the main list but will make an appearance somewhere in the army, either as unit(s) attached to a bound item(s) or an "upgradable" option for a special character which can take either the Ghost Wreck or the Undead Mariner Souls into battle.

Special Characters
I have removed (probably permanently):-
Admiral Lord Nolsen

* Too many people had said they did not fit well with the army.

4-Apr-09 21:20 gmt:-
Core Units
Tide Watchers - removed clam shields as an option*
Crest Riders - upgrade to a Triple fin +6pts, I forgot to add this before)
Coral Hunters - upgrade a Coral Hunter to a Sharpshot +2pts, reason as above)
Wave Breakers - "corrected" cost of upgrading to champion, musician, std bearer *

* the army books differ quite a bit in the cost of upgrading to musician, standard bearer and champion.

Typically a "warrior" type of champion is double the points cost of a normal rank and file model. Standard bearers are usually the same cost as the champion and the musician upgrade is usually lower than the cost of a normal trooper. Note however, that there is wide variation in the books. For example, the older books such as Orcs and Goblins make all goblin command models more expensive than their rank of file counterparts. I have assumed this is because of the low cost of the goblins. Having gone through some of the books I have decided to treat Wave Breaker command model pts cost the same as Empire Spearmen because they share similar characteristics although they have to pay extra for the spear.

* I thought it was probably unreasonable for them to be able to benefit form shields in addition to carrying a net and hand weapon.

31-Mar-09 21:30 gmt:-
Core Units
Fisher Spraks renamed Coral Hunters
(thanks to Son of Khaine's suggestion - from battlereporter.freeforums.org)

Crest Riders and Coral Hunters are a species nicknamed "Guppies" by the rest of the Nautican Army - a slightly derogatory term because they are thought to be weak, somewhat cowardly and therefore dispensable.

28-Mar-09 18:30 gmt:-
Core Units
Crest Riders added - to give the army a very limited "light cavalry" equivalent.
Fisher Spraks added - for a limited ranged attack

28-Mar-09 15:30 gmt:-
Core Units
Sandgangers and Ignimbrites - made use of doppleganger power optional at the beginning of each turn of combat, however, the whole unit must either use the power or not use it.

28-Mar-09 15:30 gmt:-
Aqua Lore
Haunting Lilt (default spell) replaced with Waterblast

note: I felt that the Haunting lilt was a utility spell (ie special purpose) that was not well suited to a default spell (ie the 1st in the spell list). I thought a more direct ranged attack spell would be more appropriate. This spell has precisely the same effect and casting value as the Gaze of Gork goblin spell.

28-Mar-09 15:30 gmt:-
Aqua Lore
- allow Symbol of the Southern Ocean to send a character directly into combat

23-Mar-09 14:30 gmt:-
Army Wide rules
- made all Nauticans aquatic (except sandgangers)
- removed fleeing rules (not required now army is aquatic)

20-Mar-09 23:45 gmt:-
Speical Characters
King of the Seas
- changed Causes Fear to Causes Terror

The Guardian of Time
- added dispel dice for presence of Anchor

18-Mar-09 23:45 gmt:-
Aqua Lore
- Haunting Lilt become the default spell instead of Symbol of the Southern Seas (which is less useful and more of a "utility" spell).
- Haunting Lilt casting power lowered from 6 ot 5.

18-Mar-09 23:20 gmt:-

Special Equipment
- some description changes
- added the Fisher Speargun - 16 inches, strength 3
(for new Shallow Swimmers unit)
- Clam Machete slightly improved (armour piercing in 1st round of every combat)
- Changed name of Kraken shield (which is, apprently, a giant Octopus) to Leviathan shield (rules stay the same)

18-Mar-09 23:10 gmt:-

Army Wide rules
Many tweaks, notably:-
- Simplification
- Nautican army fleeing rules over water terrain complete change
(it seemed silly to destroy sea based units if they ended up in "impassable water features)
- "Powered up" Breaking Wave rules for armies lead by a Nautican Prince/Lord
(charge +d3 inches rather than +1 inch)
- Sea Storm (d6 str 4 hits, armour save allowed rather than d6 str3, no armour save)
- Sea Storm march move restrictions on enemy (str+1 test, rather than -1" for march)

17-Feb-09 21:15 gmt:- Over the next few days I will be updating the site with obvious grammatical, spelling mistakes and also changing some text to clarify rules.

17-Feb-09 21:10 gmt:-
Character Rules
Siren - Ld9 reduced to Ld8 (an obvious mistake I made)

14-Dec-08 15:45 gmt:-
Seaborn rules
- Split Seaborn rules into 3 separate categories, "Breaking Wave", "Shoal Dispersal" and "Shoal Strength" dependent on which type of General the Nautican player chooses.
- New rules only affect standard Nautican units with the Seaborn rule, not sea creatures.

13-Dec-08 18:45 gmt:-
5 - Magic Items: Weapons
The Crystal Spear - removed. An item with similar properties called the Crystal Crown has been added to the Magic Armour section.

The Replicator Cutlass
- limited replicator ability to any stat except wounds
- changed "routs" to "flees" (in line with Warhammer rulebook terminology)

5 - Magic Items: Armour
Crystal Crown (new)
- to replace Crystal Spear magical weapon which had similar properties (removed stipulation that no other magic item could be taken)

Kraken Platemail
- name change to Leviathan Plate Mail

Bejewelled Gauntlet
- increased from 40 to 60 pts
- moved to top of magic armour list because most expensive
- slight wording change for clarification

Starfish Shield
significant amendment to rules
- now only lasts for duration of close combat
- armour save depends on the number of attacks on an enemy's profile
- enemy must be in base contact for bearer to benefit from starfish shields additional armour save

Reef Shield
- increased from 15 to 20 pts

5 - Magic Items: Arcane Items
Surface Rod of Divination
- increased points cost from 65 to 70pts
- removed free dispel scroll

Gift of Whale Song
significantly changed
- greatly reduced from 40 to 20 pts
- removed leadership test for spell transferer
- allowed recipient spellcaster to have more than usual number of spells
- one use
- moved further down list to reflect reduction in points

Muses Harp
- reduced from 40 to 30 pts
- removed "move towards water feature" element
- added random direction move
- unit stops if it encounters impassable terrain rather than being destroyed

5 - Magic Items: Talismans
Glass Orb of Illusions
- reduced from 55 to 50pts (not deemed influential enough to justify restricting it from Hero level characters)

Ring of Oceanic Rapture
- clarified rules

Rainbow Pearl
- reduced from 30 to 20pts
- changed to one use only
- clarified targeting rules

5 - Magic Items: Enchanted Items
Dream Staff
- removed one use (now a multi use bound spell)
- reduced from leadership test-3 to -2
- some rule clarification
- enemies now lose frenzy and hate while in base contact with Dream Staff bearer

Pearl Charm
- limited to rerolls of single dice tests (eg no leadership tests)

Flipper Feet
- item removed

5 - Magic Items: Banners
Protection of the Shoal
- reduced from 40 to 25pts
- moved position in list to reflect lower points cost

Eversail banner
- increased from 20 to 30pts
- moved higher up list

Healing Salt Spray banner
- increased from 20 to 25pts

I will make my decision this week so the army draft 2.0 will be completed by Sunday 14th December.

13-Dec-08 13:40 gmt:-
Aqua Lore
Some changes which were noted in this change summary but I forgot to implement in the army list have now been made.
(thanks to enigma_rage at battlereporter.freeforums.org for spotting this)

08-Dec-08 21:10 gmt:-
Rare Units

Man o' War (Giant Jellyfish)
- increased points value from 170 to 180 pts
- standardised regeneration save improved from roll of 5+ from 4+
- Paralyzing Attack - greatly reduced effectiveness*
*changed from cannot strike back if paralyzed to loses 1 attack
- Overflight - reduced effectiveness by removing "cannot march move" from units that suffer a paralyzing attack from overflight.

Ghost Wreck
- clarified crew numbers (5 crew in total)
- removed Drop Anchor rules
- removed Causes Fear and Immune to Psychology from special rules section (undead have these rules anyway, clarified this at foot of Ghost Wreck entry)
- Re-wrote harpoon rules. Removed the ability of the harpoon to fire into combat. Instead the harpoon can now be swung by 3 crewmen* to deliver a single str6 hit in close combat. The remaining crewmen fight as normal.
- reduced points value from 115 to 105pts

- changed routs / routing kyword to flees / fleeing (in keeping with rulebook)
- added proposed picture of Leviathan
- I am considering some changes to this monster to make it a better fit with the miniature I have choen to represent it from reaperminis.com
- slightly increased pursuit distance from 3d6+1 to 3d6+2 to fit description

Octopus Giganteus
- simplified Predator Patience rule so it uses stupidity rules but has a different reaction to a failed test

08-Dec-08 21:10 gmt:-
Special Units

Oceanic Trident Guard
- minor changes to wording

Manta Ray
- added base size 40 x 40mm

- increased points value from 30pts to 35pts
- reduce armour save in close combat from 4 to 5

Deep Divers
- lots of rule clarification with regards to the "hook and reel"

most notably: "If a hooked unit is charged or otherwise engaged in combat it is assumed to have immediately freed itself from the hooks (in a desperate attempt to ready itself for the ensuing combat). A unit freeing itself in response to a charge cannot make a stand and shoot or flee reaction to the charge. "

08-Dec-08 20:30 gmt:-
Core Units

Wave Breakers
- reduced points value from 6 to 5 (more in line with other Warhammer core)

Tide Watchers
- increased points cost from 5 to 6 (more in line with units with a special ability)
- changed penalty for badly thrown net to always strikes last (from -1 strength)

Mariner Souls
- simplified rule about losing wounds if more than 12" from general (1 wound per turn, no saving throws allowed)
- removed "immune to psychology" (unnecessary because they are undead)

- added "with no saving throws allowed" to effect that Sea Storms have on sandgangers
- removed "immune to psychology" (unnecessary because they are unbreakable)

07-Dec-08 20:40 gmt:-
Characters - Hero Level

Chanty Singer
Changed reference to "ethnic Nautican units" to "Nautican units with the Seaborn rule"

Increased points value from 125 pts to 140 pts
Zharc is now subject to the rule for multiple shots
Removed mention of being "fearless" (to avoid confusion about immunity to psychology)

Reduced impact hit from surf board to 4 from 5
Added range of 12" and line of sight requirement to Surf Ring rules

Astrolabe Awareness
- rule "broken" because it encouraged distance measuring (and abuse thereof !)
- replaced with extra +d3 inches move on charge, pursuit and flee

Greatly increased points value from 95pts to 135pts
Reduced attacks from 2 to 1
Greatly simplified Zheal special rules - she now profers immunity to poison and a 6+ ward save on any unit she is part of, providing she is positioned in the front rank of the unit.
Removed the requirement for Zheala to remain with a single unit for the whole battle.

Coastal Hermit

Reduced points value to 100pts from 105pts

Staff of Summoning
- reduced casting power from 5 to 4
- slight description change

Coastal Mists
- does not affect missile weapons that do not use Ballistic Skill

07-Dec-08 16:00 gmt:-
Characters - Lord Level
Changes to some descriptions

King of the Seas
Changed special save to Ward Save 5+

The Guardian of Time
Enemies auto-hit the Guardian in close combat when he is using the throttle attack.

The Anchor of Time
- materialises anywhere within the Nautican army's deployment zone and within 6" of the Guardian.
- reduced the detrimental impact on missile fire to -1 from -2
- anchor disappears for rest of battle if Guardian is destroyed or moves more than 12" away from it.
- Guardian no longer unbreakable, Guardian now stubborn within 12" of anchor
- spellcaster only benefits from additional power die if within 12" of anchor
- Anchor no longer bestows additional dispel dice

note: several people have commented how this unit does not fit well with the army's underwater theme. However, there is a lot more Volcanic activity under the oceans then there has ever been on the surface world and, as such, I think the inclusion of Vulcanis is justified.

significant changes have been made to the profile stat line to reflect the Lord level status of Vulcanis.

Profile stat changes
- BS reduced from 4 to 0
- Wounds increased from 3 to 5
- Attacks increased from 4 to 5
- Leadership increased from 7 to 8

Immune to psychology added

Uncontrollable eruption
- reduced str from 4 to 3

- reduced range for units affected from 12" to 6"
-minor clarification that both friendly and enemy units are affected by eruption

Sulphur vents
- changed "no armour save" to armour save -2
- only the enemy model causing the wound(s) suffers hits from the sulphur vents

Points cost increased from 150 to 175

Admiral Lord Nolsen

Allocated points value of 155 pts

Admiralty Sword
- rules simplified and limited parry to 1 enemy attack
- improved admiralty ring to include 5+ ward save against close combat attacks


Reduced leadership from 10 to 9
Specified which Lores of Magic the mermaid can use (Aqua, Light, Life or Heavens)
Reduced Peerless Beauty to enemy leadership -2 from -3
Reduced points cost slightly from 215 to 205
Removed rule which meant irresistable force overruled miscast
some minor changes to descriptions and wording

06-Dec-08 19:30 gmt:-
Mermaid miniature picture added.
(with kind permission from http://www.freebooterminiatures.com/)

29-Nov-08 20:40 gmt:-
Aqua Lore (spells)
Swapped Sea Surge (spell 1) with Symbol of the Southern Ocean (spell 3)

Sea Surge
- casting value increased from 5 to 7
- can only affect Nautican units which have the seaborn rule

Symbol of the Southern Ocean
- casting value decreased from 7 to 5
- can not be cast on a character that has been moved in that magic phase

The Haunting Lilt
- casting value increased from 5 to 6

Dead Seas of Time
- simplified rule and removed onerous notes

Summon Water Elemental
- added "remains in play" to spell description
- added base size 40 x 40mm

Tidal Wave
- removed 8" width, clarified rules, greatly reduced power
- casting value decreased from 13 to 12
- range limited to 24"

16-Nov-08 21:10 gmt:-
Army Special Equipment
The Oceanic Trident - removed fear causing effect.
Clam Machete - strength +1 in 1st round of each combat, armour piercing in 1st round of the very first combat that the unit is involved in.
Kraken Shields* - removed "unmodifiable" from armour save
Clam Shields - changed to 5+ armour save only
Some changes to wording which do not affect rules.

* might change name to Leviathan Shields

15-Nov-08 20:00 gmt:-
Army Wide Seaborn & Sea Storm rules
Routing over a water feature allowed but unit cannot finish a rout within a water feature (would break game rules and prevent enemies pursuing, attacking on subsequent turns if unit rallied within the water feature)
Clarified Hatred towards all units in a Daemons of Chaos army
Clarified ALL flame/flaming attack strengths reduced by 1 (whatever the source)
Changes terrain allocation - Nauticans can choose all water terrain features.

12-Oct-08 17:30 gmt:-
Core units
Wave Breakers - removed scalemail as default armour, pt cost -1
Wave Breakers - added scalemail as choice (2pts) for maximum of 1 unit
Doppleganger leadership set at 5 (not variable depending on opponent)

Army Special Units
Reduced cost of Giant Crab (pair) to 160pts (ie 80pts each)
Clarified use of the granite crush, can only be used against single models of Ogre size or smaller (ie single individuals with a unit strength 3 or less)

Rare units
Man 'o War - added regen 5+, increased by 25 pts, left stupidity in place for now
Kraken - changed name to Leviathan*
Kraken - considering making unit a "monster and handlers unit"

* note, I have not yet checked the rest of the site for references to Kraken so I might need to changes some of the wording to Leviathan(s)

Army Special Rules
Sea Storms continue into turn 2 on roll of 3+ (not 5+)
Sea Storms continue into turn 3 on roll of 5+ (not 6+)
Sea Storm affects limited to all enemies within 18"

Army Special Equipment
Kraken Shields - do not provide an armour save against weapons that ignore armour saves.

King of the Seas - clarified Ocean Trident rule and magic armour saves
King of the Seas - reduced toughness from 6 ro 5, increased armour save by 1
King of the Seas - reduced pts from 500 to 460
Mermaid - can be upgraded to Level 4 for +35 pts (not 45pts)
Zhurf - simplified Astrolabe rule regarding charge measurement
Considering reducing number of special characters

08-Oct-08 19:50 gmt:-
Battle Reports and Playtesting
added section to allow readers to post battle reports
(either on this blog or in supporting forum)*
*see instructions in left side bar

23-Sep-08 21:34 gmt:-
Magic Items
Magic Standards added

20-Sep-08 19:15 gmt:-
Magic Items
Weapons, Armour, Echantes and Arcane items added

13-Sep-08 18:40 gmt:-
Nautican Prince and Battle Standard bearer rules added
Chanty Singer (hero battle standard bearer) added
King of the Seas (lord) added
The Gaurdian of Time (lord) added
Nautican Lord (lord)

13-Sep-08 16:00 gmt:-
Zhurf (hero) added
Zheala (heroine) added
Coastal Hermit (hero) added

13-Sep-08 12:30 gmt:-
Siren (spellcaster) added
Zharc (hero) added

13-Sep-08 11:45 gmt:-
Rare Units
Octopus - added Predator Patience special rule

12-Sep-08 21:10 gmt:-
Mermaid (spell caster) added

12-Sep-08 20:18 gmt:-
Rare Units
Man o' War - reduced ground movement to 1, initiative to 1 (from 2), added unit strength and base size, reduced flight speed to 10 inches, reduced cost to 145 pts
Ghost Wreck - wording changes to clarify special rules
Kraken - added 1 inch to pursuit move, removed hate of chaos, clarified some rules wording
Octopus Giganteus - reduced initiative from 5 to 3, added unit str and base size

12-Sep-08 19:35 gmt:-
Special Units
Oceanic Trident Guard - slightly increased points cost
Giant Crabs - reduced armour save from 2+ to 3+, changed wording
Lobstrosity - refined pincer blocking option, reduced pts from 35 to 30
Deep Divers - some minor wording changes

12-Sep-08 19:15 gmt:-
Core Units
Tide Watchers - reduced effectiveness of nets
Mariner Souls - corrected std bearer and musician pts cost, added Mariner Bosun
Sandgangers - limited doppleganger ability to copy enemy model profiles, reduced points cost from 8 pts to 6 pts. Added regenerate on roll of 6.

12-Sep-08 18:50 gmt:-
Admiral Lord Nolsen - changed parry rule. Ward save only vs ranged attacks

12-Sep-08 17:30 gmt:-
Aqua Lore
Added Lore of Life as a magic lore choice
Re-ordered spells (Dead Seas of Time & Symbol of the Southern Ocean)
Minor adjustments to casting power required
Significant reduction in power of Tidal Wave

12-Sep-08 16:30 gmt:-
Nautican Army text
Typing and spelling errors corrected

Nautican Special Equipment
The Nautican Speargun - replaced armour piercing with poisonous and reduced from str 4 to str 3
Clam Machete - reduced power

12-Sep-08 10:30 gmt:-
Nautican Army Special Rules
Changed hate all Chaos to hate Chaos Daemons
Terrain - Nautican player can swap 1/4 of terrain for water features
Added rule for fleeing Nautican units and water features.

Significantly reduced power of sea storms:-
Reduced likelihood of sea storms lasting 2 turns to 33%; 3 turns to 6%
(previously 50% for 2 turns and 25% for 3 turns)
Enemy movement, not reduced by 1inch only march movement and total charge movement
Will also make the mandatory Chanty Singer choice (to enable sea storms) a weaker than usual battle standard bearer hero to ensure there is an "opportunity cost" associated with the storm.

31-Aug-08 23:25 gmt:-
Special Nautican Equipment
Tridents split into Oceanic Trident (special rules) and Sea Trident (mundane)

15-Aug-08 6:05 gmt:-
Army Wide Special rules
Minor wording changes for rule clarification

Special Units
Oceanic Trident Guard - one unit can be given Oceanic Tridents

Rare Units
Man o' War (Giant Jellyfish)
Paralyzing attack reduced from str 4 to 3
Attacks reduced from 2d6 to d6+1
Reduced pts cost slightly to 165 from 185pts

Ghost Wreck
Gave crew hand weapons
Added undead rule
Downgraded Terror to Fear
Limited harpoon target selection if Ghost Wreck in combat
Added Regenerate
5+ armour save
Additional text in description
Increased value to 115pts

Removed Hate
Removed Sulphur breath attack
Reduced armour save to 5+
Reduced wounds from 6 to 5
Increased to 370pts
* a general reduction in power (have I gone too far ?)

14-Aug-08 13:02 gmt:-
Core Units
Mariner Souls - All for One rule added

12-Aug-08 21:06 gmt:-
Aqua Lore (magic)
The Nautican Spells added
Some Spellcaster details added
Removed One Arm rule from Lord Nolsen

10-Aug-08 12:15 gmt:-
Army Wide Special Rules
Changed Seaborn Hate Chaos rule to apply only to natural Nauticans (not sea creatures)

Rare Unit Amendments
Points allocated to all units and options
Ghost Wreck changed from monster rules to chariot
Ghost Wreck - added Drop Anchor rule and tweaked other rules (incl. Terror)
Man 'o War - removed out of reach rule (not required)
Man 'o War - added stupidity
Man 'o War - significantly adjusted profile - please check profile for details
Kraken - increased breathe sulphur to str 3
Kraken - increased leadership to 8
Kraken - added Frenzy and Hatred
Giant Octopus - given Stupidity
Giant Ocotpus - profile tweaked
Giant Octopus - added routing element to inky mist rule

10-Aug-08 00:25 gmt:-
The Nautican Form and Appearance added to home page

9-Aug-08 22:32 gmt:-
Special Characters - Admiral Lord Nolsen added

9-Aug-08 13:39 gmt:-
Army characters & units allowances added
Kraken shields improved to unmodifiable 5+ armour save

Special unit Amendments
All units allocated a pts value
Manta Rays - toughness increased to 4
Manta Rays - added Barb Charge special rule
Giant Crab increased leaderhip to 7
Giant Crab - added Causes Fear
Giant Crab - added granite crush
Giant Crab - increased save modifier against armoured enemies
Lobstersapiens - name changed to Lobstrosities
Lobstrosities - reduced initiative to suit background fluff
Lobstrosities - simplified Parry ability
Lobstrosities - added Carapace Facing rule for armour save
Lobstrosities - added base size

9-Aug-08 10:58 gmt:-
Core Unit Amendments
All Core units allocated a pts value
Wave Breakers - given clam shield or mundane shield option
Clam Shields - removed rebound characteristic, increased save to 5+ (minimum 6)
Mariner Souls - profile lowered to same of skeleton
Mariner Souls given One Presence rule
Lava Golem name change to Ignimbrite
Sandgangers - removed Seaborne power
Sandgangers can now also be harmed by war machines.

8-Aug-08 22:05 gmt:-
Army Wide Rules
Sea Dive (charge) +1 inch for ethnic Nauticans (not beasts, sea creatures, monsters etc)
The Trident weapon causes fear against cavalry, a Nautican does not cause fear and is subject to fear even if wielding a trident.

Core units
Wave Breakers - 6 pts

Special units
Deep Divers - moved to special unit choice to limit numbers
Deep Divers - removed immunity to psychology
Deep Divers - Hook & Reel special rule

8-Aug-08 17:00 gmt:-
Clam Machete +1 strength, armour piercing

6-Aug-08 11:38 gmt:-
Sea Storms do not reduce dwarf ground troops movement
(gyrocopters are still affected)

Nautican Trident +1 str, armour piercing, 2 ranks in combat (except when charging)

5-Aug-08 21:00 gmt:-
added to rare units
- Man o' War
- Ghost Wreck

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