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this Warhammer army is unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Army designed by Sigmar from Battle Reporter.

Nautican Army updated to draft 2.7

Slow but sure progress in the Nautican Warhammer Army Rules updates

I just suffered a total massacre at the hands of 2250pts of Dark Elves. My Nautican army was wiped out while I managed to take out only a few enemy units. It really was a whitewash :(

Anyway, many lessons were learnt and it was an excellent playtesting battle. I'll post more details about it in the...

Nautican thread of our Battle Reporter forum

"J" (my regular gaming buddy) and I had a couple of beers and discussed the army and came to the conclusion that nothing was really broken in there, it was just a bit underpowered. So following a few more beers and "sitting in the garden with a notepad time" I came up with an idea to keep the units more or less the same but enhance the army as a whole. So, just like Chaos Daemons with their ward save, High Elves with the Always Strike first, Dark Elves with their Hatred (reroll missed hits) I decided to apply an army wide rule.

Hoping to keep the army balanced I have tried not to overdo it and I've created a rule called "Sea Creature Origins". In a nutshell, all Nautican units have a basic origin, the Deep, the Reefs or the Shores. Each origin bestows a special benefit, either a 5+ regen save, a +1 combat res/soft cover or a deployment benefit.

The new rules are all now in the Special Army Wide rules section.

picture of a Sandganger drawn by Gareth Pannan
(contactable through the www.shadowforge.com.au website).
Gareth created the Laughing Monk minis.

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