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this Warhammer army is unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Army designed by Sigmar from Battle Reporter.


The strongest, toughest and most fearless of all Nautican units. These Nauticans are recruited from the ranks of the Trident Guard, they are fearless slayers of the denizens of the deep at whose hands they have suffered personal woes through the loss of family and loved ones. Nautican Lords dispatch the Interceptors to try to fend off Leviathans approaching the royal Nautican halls while the Trident Guard prepare the defences.

Interceptors have finely honed their Leviathan fighting tactics and always enter the battlefield in units of 15. They fight unencumbered by armour, standards or musical instruments believing that such unwieldy equipment will simply slow their reactions and does little to protect against the power of a Leviathan.

Points/model: 12 pts


Unit Size: 15 (25x25mm base size)

Equipment: Spears, Javelins

Special Rules: Seaborn, Stubborn, Skirmishers, Immune to Psychology, Leviathan Charge, Angular Attack, Hate (all enemies)

Options: promote an Interceptor to a Destroyer +12 pts

Leviathan Charge

The Interceptors are elite warriors who train solely to protect their realm from the denizens, daemons and monstrous creatures of the deep. Their arch foes are the mindless, feral Leviathans which they despise, infact such is the pain in their tourtured souls, Interceptors have now learnt to hate all their enemies.

The Interceptors have mastered a fast, overwhelming assault that has sometimes proved to be enough to deter the onslaught of a Leviathan and send it back to the deep.

When charging all Interceptors, even those in rear ranks, can throw their javelins into the enemy they are attacking. *

* at -1 to hit like units adopting a stand and shoot charge reaction.

When charging, unsaved wounds inflicted by Interceptor javelins count towards combat resolution for the first round of combat.

Javelins can also be used in the usual way during the shooting phase.

Angular Attack

Interceptors are not stupid ! They always attempt to surround any denizen of the deep that they are sent to attack. They adopt a unique attack always charging two adjoining enemy flanks.

When an interceptor unit charges into combat (but not when the interceptors themselves are charged) it is aligned as usual (with as many models as possible in base to base contact with the enemy unit charged). "Spare" interceptors in rear ranks automatically wrap around the nearest enemy flank fighting the enemy unit on 2 sides*.

* If the Interceptor unit is in base to base contact will all enemies on two enemy flanks (eg. front and side or side and rear) then the enemy automatically loses it's rank bonus for the purposes of combat resolution.

Note: this takes precendence over the normal skirmishing rules that state skirmishers do not negate the enemy's rank bonus. In all other respects the normal skirmishing rules apply (eg. the Interceptors do not receive a combat resolution bonus for flank/rear attacks or unit ranks).

When the Interceptors lose models during combat they are removed from any rear rank first and then the enemy's flank.

Interceptors cannot be lead by a character (Lords and Princes have simply have not mastered the Interceptor ways).

Interceptors are the ultimate in elite Nautican units, only 1 interceptor unit can be included in a Nautican army per Lord or Mermaid.

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