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this Warhammer army is unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Army designed by Sigmar from Battle Reporter.

Suggested miniatures for Nautican units

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Nautican Lord level Characters

Special Characters - King of the Seas, The Guardian of Time

Mermaids & Elemental

Nautican Hero Level Characters


Zheala, Chanty Singer #1, Chanty Singer #2, Vortex, Zharc

Core Units

Crest Riders & Coral Hunters, Wave Breakers, Stingrays

possible Ignimbrite (sandganger champion) followed by possible sandgangers
(personally, I plan to use GW crypt ghouls "coated" with sand).

Special Units

Interceptors (Saurus with spears), Oceanic Trident Guard (Temple Guard), Giant Crabs

Lobstrosities, Aqualops and Seaweedlings

Rare Units

Octobipods, Weresharks, Octopus Giganteus, Leviathan, Giant Turtle Fortunis (still searching)

reapermini.com "Pearl" Mermaid painted by Marike Reimer; freebooterminiatures.com mermaid painted by Bemalt von Brenda Gosman; reapermini.com "Lilaea" water sprite painted by Alison Scheirman; reapermini.com water elemental painted by Anne Foerster. Ignimbrite painted by Matt Verzani, Sandgangers painted by Chris Smith

Crest Riders & Coral Hunters are Games Workshop Lizardmen skinks. Interceptors and Oceanic Trident Guard are Games Workshop Lizardmen Saurus and Temple Guard.

(Games Workshop Ltd miniature images are copyrighted ©. All rights reserved. Used without permission).

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