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this Warhammer army is unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Army designed by Sigmar from Battle Reporter.

Nautican army special rules

Army Wide rules:-

  • Hate Daemons of Chaos Units
  • Aquatic - treat all water features as open ground (Nauticans in water benefit from soft cover, except for sandgangers that cannot occupy water features)
  • All flaming attacks and flaming missiles (whatever their source) reduced by -1 strength
  • The Nautican player can automatically choose water terrain features (up to 6" in diameter)
  • the army can summon a Sea Storm (see below) if it includes a Chanty singer

Seaborn rules

The Nautican army is a composite mix of a various sea creatures and Nautican peoples. Nauticans share common characteristics and these are represented by the Seaborn rule which is noted in each unit's special rules.*

* All units in the Nautican Army have the Seaborn rule except for Sandgangers which come from the shores and not the seas. Special Characters have the seaborn rule if noted in their profile.

Sea Storms

The Nautican player can declare at the beginning of the game that he is summoning a sea storm (if the Army includes a Chanty Singer). If the Nautican player summons a Sea Storm then he sacrifices his chance of going first and the opponent has the option of taking the first turn.*

* if both armies have sacrificed the option to choose who goes first then roll a D6 as normal.

To summon a Sea Storm place a marker on the board at the very beginning of the 1st Nautican turn (the marker remains immovable for the duration of the storm). All enemy units with one or more models within 12" of the marker at the beginning of each Nautican turn are affected as follows (while the storm lasts):-

  • All enemy BS -1
  • Gunpowder weapons do not work on a D6 roll of 6* (test for each weapon fired).
  • Enemy units must pass a strength test (+1) to march move** (flyers must pass a strength test to fly at half speed, if they fail they can only move at their "ground rate")
  • At the very beginning of each Nautican magic phase, the Nautican player can cast a bound (power level 6) lightning strike spell *** on one enemy unit which inflicts D6 str 4 hits.

* The storm has made the gunpowder wet.
** Test against the lowest str model in the unit,
eg. a unit with a lowest str of 3 can march move on a d6 dice roll of 1-4 (str+1), a roll of 6 is always a fail and prevents the unit from performing a march move.
(note: Dwarf ground troops are resolute and can always march move).
*** Lore of Heavens : Forked Lightning

The storm always lasts for the whole of turn 1. Roll a d6 at the beginning of subsequent turns to see if the storm continues....

Turn 2 : storm continues on roll of 2+
Turn 3 : storm continues on roll of 2+
Turn 4 : storm always ends after turn 3

The sea storm is automatically and immediately dispelled if the Chanty Singer battle standard bearer is removed as a casualty.

Sea Creature Origins - special rules

The Nauticans are comprised of Creatures and Nautican peoples from across the oceans, from the deep to the very shores of their surface dwelling enemies. The sea people unite to protect their common interests, the creatures are bound by Nautican magic to serve their Nautican masters.

Both creatures and peoples have different origins, these origins affect their natural abilities and translate into very disparate battlefield abilites.

All Nauticans* are either from the Deep, the Reefs or the Shores.

* The Sea Creature Origin rules do not apply to all Special Characters (see their respective profiles).

Special Rules:-

Creatures of the deep

The Nauticans of the deep oceans live in an extremely inhospitable environment. The They are plagued by denizens of the deep spawning around chaos vents leaking twisted magic into the seas. These Nauticans are the most resilient of the Nautican creatures and their bodies have adapted to heal quickly.

Creatures from the Deep have a regeneration save of 5+

Creatures of the Reefs (or "Reefers")

The Reef dwellers live in symbiotic harmony with the living coral about them. They are at one with the conditions and they carry with them the magical essence of the coral environment.

On land, the living coral will form around "Reefers" who do not move. This provides some protection from missile fire and makes "Reefers" move difficult to shift in close combat.

Creatures of the Reef who are not in combat and do not move in the movement phase benefit from soft cover (-1 to hit for missile fire)

Creatures of the Reef gain +1 to their combat resolution* as coral forms around them and they become more difficult for the enemy to dislodge.

* This benefit does not apply in the first turn of combat if the Reefer unit charged into combat.

Creatures of the Shores

The shoreline dwellers that reside in coastal inlets and shores are at one with tidal magic. They move easily and quickly adapting to the changing tides and are ever the most battle ready of all Nautican units.

Creatures of the Shores can deploy 6 inches further into the battlefield (beyond the usual deployment area for pitced battles)

Sea Creature Origins:-

Core Units
Coral Hunters - Reef
Crest Riders - Reef
Wave Breakers - Shore
Tide Watchers - Shore
Sandgangers - Shore
Stingrays - Deep

Special Units
Interceptors - Deep
Oceanic Trident Guard - Deep
Giant Crabs - Shore
Lobstrosities - Reef
Tripoon - Shore (but do not benefit from advanced deployment)
Aqualops - Shore

Rare Units
Octobipods - Reef
Weresharks - Deep
Leviathan - Deep
Octopus - Reef
Fortunis - Deep

Nautican Lords & Princes - Deep
Mermaids & Sirens - Deep

*not including special characters. Sea Creature Rules are noted in the Special Character's profiles where applicable.

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