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this Warhammer army is unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Army designed by Sigmar from Battle Reporter.

Army Special Equipment

Much of the Nautican equipment is unknown to the surface world. While some weapons have clear equivalents like the Nautican sword or spear other weapons and armour have special abilities not usually associated with weapons of their kind in the armouries of the surface world.


The Oceanic Trident

The oceanic diamond tipped trident is an extremely rare but fearsome weapon due to it's reach and the barbed nature of the three forked diamond tipped spikes which glow white hot and can never be blunted. This weapon is embued with elemental energy and emits a high pitched ring when it is brought down into a defensive position and the haft is driven into the ground. It is also a formiddable weapon against both cavalry and armoured foot troops.

+1 strength, armour piercing, can be used in 2 ranks (except when charging)

The Sea Trident

The sea trident is the common weapon of choice for the Nautican elite warrior. It's reach and light weight allows it to be used with a shield and in two ranks like it's cousin the oceanic trident. This trident is however, in all respects, a mundane weapon albeit a unique and powerful addition to the Nautican armoury

+1 strength, can be used in 2 ranks (except when charging)

The Nautican Speargun

Used primarily for underwater deep sea fishing these weapons adapted well to surface use and were tipped with poison by the Nauticans. Their range is limited but they remain a versatile weapon which can deal with high toughness enemies.

16 inches, strength 4, poisonous.

The Fisher Speargun

Designed for fishing in the shallows, the weapon nonetheless remains effective on land.

16 inches, strength 3.

Clam Machete

A specialist tool designed and used solely by the deep divers for prising open giant clams in search of their rare and precious rainbow pearls. This single handed weapon has been adapted into a formiddable machete like weapon capable of tearing apart light armour and cleaving shields in two. However, the clam machete's highly honed edge is soon blunted by modern metal armour that is designed to absord impact.

strength +1 and armour piercing in 1st round of each combat.


Leviathan Scale Shields

The Leviathan was thought to be a mythological beast by the surface dwellers found only in sailors songs and in tales to frighten children away from the water. The Nauticans, from bitter years of experience, know this not to be the case.

The Leviathan was the scourge of the Nautican Empire while it was in it's prime and before Chaos arrived. Indeed, some of the wise said the emergence of the underwater behemoth was the first sign that Chaos had forced it's way into the world.

The Nauticans defended themselves from "The Beast" with strong elemental magics that, over millenia, the Leviathan became resistant to.

Leviathan Scale shields provide a 5+ armour save* and Magic Resistance (1).

* Leviathan shields do not provide an armour save against attacks which ignore armour saves.

Clam Shields

Few materials in the known world are harder than a clam shield. Even the Dwarfs would wonder at their toughness if they could only swim and retrieve some of the rare giant clams from which the shields are harvested.

It is infact dangerous to strike one of the nobility's great clam shields because it does not absorb the full energy of the strike but rebounds it on the assailant.

Clam Shields* provide a 5+ armour save

* clam shields do not provide an armour save against attacks which ignore armour saves.


This is a light chainmail like armour which is sewed together from giant scaled fish that traverse the deep uncharted waters in ocean trenches unknown to the surface world. The mail illuminates the deep oceans and wards off predators and attracts other fish which congregate in giant shoals that can even be seen as small pin pricks of light on the ocean surface.

The scales and light they emit is so bright on the surface world that any enemy seeking to strike a Nautican wearing scalemail suffers -1 to hit.

The mail acts as light armour 6+ save.

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