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this Warhammer army is unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Army designed by Sigmar from Battle Reporter.

Magic Armour

The Cystal Crown (65 pts)

The Cystal Crown is a royal Nautican artefact of legendary renown. It is occasionally borne into battle by Nautican Princes and Lords as a symbol of determination because it is said that no army that bears the crown into battle will ever route from the field.

"The Majesty of the Crown"
  • The crown can only be worn by the army general.
  • All units within 18" of the general can use his leadership while the bearer remains alive on the battlefield.*
  • The first break test taken by any Nautican unit with the Seaborn rule that is within 18" of the army general can be rolled against the general's unmodified leadership.

* If the bearer is slain the crown will shatter and cause d3 str 4 hits to all units in base to base combat (friendly and enemy units), distributed as shooting hits.

Bejewelled Guantlet (50 pts)

Encrusted with rare jewels of enrapturing beauty and power. The gauntlet is naturally resistant to any magic that might damage it.

The gauntlet confers Magic Resistance (1).
Magic weapons lose all their magical properties and become mundane weapons of the same type* when striking the bejewelled gauntlet wearer.

* if for any reason the enenmy's magic weapon does not / cannot have a mundane equivalent then the attacker is assumed to use a mundane hand weapon instead.

Leviathan Platemail (45 pts)

It's no suprise that this suit of armour is so rare. Very few Leviathan's have ever been killed !

Heavy plate armour, 3+ armour save*, Magic Resistance (1)

* cannot be combined with any armour other than a shield.

Spirit Shroud of the Seas (45 pts)

A magical embodiment of the power of the Seas. This cloak billlows about the bearer invoking dreadful visions of a wrathful, veangeful Ocean.

The shroud wearer Causes Terror.

Lion-Fish Cloak (40 pts)

The Lion-Fish is an extremely venomous spined sea creature. Tha Nauticans have become immune to the poison over many millenia but it remains extremely toxic to nearly all land dwellers.

Any non-weapon bearing attacker* that scores one or more hits on the cloak wearer during a combat phase suffers a single automatic poisonous hit at a strength equal to the attackers basic profile strength.

* This includes any unit that does not a have "hand weapon" in their equipment profile and has not paid points for an optional weapon. Most monsters and many other units fall into this category. Eg. dragons, drayds, crypt ghouls, chaos warhounds, eagles.

The cloak does not confer an armour save but the bearer becomes immune to poisonous attacks.

Great Clam Shield (40 pts)

Probably the hardest natural substance known in the world. Few weapons can penetrate the surface of the great clam shield.

Heavy Armour 4+ save that can never be reduced below 5.

Any saved wounds in close combat are rebounded on the attacker on an armour save roll of 6.

Volcanic Helm (30 pts)

Fashoned for the Nauticans by Vulcanis for their help in ridding his volcanic underworld of Daemonic monstrosities. This helmet brings doom upon an enemy that slays their opponent in the belief that victory is theirs.

On the wearer's death the helmet explodes like a small underwater volcano causing 2d6 str 4 flaming hits (distributed as shooting hits) on all enemy units in frontal base contact.*

* The helmet was designed to explode in a forward facing direction so most of it's power is focused in front of the wearer. Friendly and enemy units in base contact to the wearer's side or rear suffer d6 str 3 flaming hits.

Starfish Shield (25 pts)

A shield with protruding starfish shaped "arms". This shield responds to enemy attacks and instantly grows arms to provide further protection to the bearer.

Shield 6+ armour save (even when no enemy is in base contact)

In close combat the shield provides an armour save in proportion to the enemy threat based on the number of enemy attacks*

attacks 1 = 5+ armour save
attacks 2 = 4+ armour save
attacks 3 = 3+ armour save
attacks 4+ = 2+ armour save

* use the enemy model in base contact with the most attacks

The armour save applies to all close combat attacks directed at the Nautican shield bearer. The save even applies if the enemy with the most attacks in base contact with the bearer does not attack the bearer.

The shield can be combined with other armour but cannot improve the bearer's armour save to better than 2+

Reef Shield (20 pts)

A large square shield not noted for it's power to stop a blow but notable for the danger it presents to the attacker. This shield will shatter razor sharp coral in the face of the enemy when it is hit.

Shield 6+ armour save. Each successful armour save roll results in a str 3 hit on the enemy.

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