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this Warhammer army is unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Army designed by Sigmar from Battle Reporter.

Arcane Items

Surface Rod of Divination (70 pts)

In preparation for their emergence into the surface world, the Nauticans developed a rod of divination to seek out and draw power from subterranean "sweet" water.

+2 to all casting attempts.

Crystal Chime (30 pts, one use)

A seemingly innocuous charm to the Nauticans but a great threat to enemy spellcasters. This trinket lets out a high pitched, piercing sonic wave across the battlefield before it shatters into a thousand tiny shards.

The Nautican bearer can ring the crystal chime but once during a battle. All enemy spellcasters must pass a leadership test (at -1 Ld) to be able to cast any spells during their following magic phase.

Muses Harp (30 pts)
(Bound Spell Power Level 4).

An enchanting music emanates from the harp. It praises the listener's inner desires and beguiles them into actions they are scarcely even aware of as they amble around the battlefield with no purpose but to feed their own ego.

The bearer can target enemies within 24 inches and line of sight. If the enemy fails its leadership test (-1 Ld) then it must turn (in the direction of the scatter dice) and then move d6 inches. If the unit comes into contact with impassable terrain it stops immediately.

Does not affect units immune to psychology.

After the Harp is used roll a d6, on a roll of 1 the harp's energy is depleted for the remainder of the battle.

Knowledge of Shoal of Strength (30pts)

The Nauticans are all too aware of the benefits of acting as one, like a shoal in the sea. Their battlefield tactics resemble, in some ways, the survival instincts of sea creatures. Even Nautican spellcasters adopt a similar approach.

The wizard with the knowledge of Shoal Strength can allow any other Nautican spellcaster on the battlefield to use his/her power dice.

Spells cast by any wizard using these "donated" power dice cost an additional +1 to cast due to the depletion in power as the power navigates the winds of magic to it's new owner.

Emerald Eye of the Kraken (30 pts)

The eye of the Kraken embodies the indomitable will of the giant sea monster.

Magic Resistance (1)

Any enemy spell cast against the bearer or the unit they are with will be permanently lost to the enemy on a roll of 5 or 6 on a d6.

Coral Amulet (25 pts)

Rare Corals sometimes bloom around magical underwater vents that channel the waves of magic into the Warhammer World. These corals absorb the magic on it's path into the oceans. The Coral Amulet is carved from such coral.

adds +1 power dice to the army's casting phase while the bearer lives and is on the battlefield (even if they are fleeing)

Gift of Whale Song (20 pts, one use)

Nautican spellcasters have deciphered whale song and adapted it's use to communicate in the deep and on land while many leagues apart from one another. With great effort and concentration a Mermaid or Siren can sing a whale song to communicate with their magical brethren.

A spellcaster with the gift can communicate a spell to any other friendly Nautican spellcaster on the battlefield (no line of sight is required).

Once communicated, the spell is effectively transferred from one caster to another and can no longer be used by the original caster for the remainder of the battle. The spell transfer can result in the recipient having one more spell than they would normally begin the battle with.

To communicate a spell the Nautican spell caster transferring the spell must nominate a recipient spellcaster. The recipient must pass a leadership test at the very beginning of the Nautican magic phase to understand the Whale Song. If the recipient fails the leadership test then the spell is not transferred and is lost by the transferer for the remainder of the battle.

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