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this Warhammer army is unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Army designed by Sigmar from Battle Reporter.

Enchanted Items

Book of Malaise (50pts)
(bound spell, power level 3)

The words from this tome, when uttered in the strange guttural tongue of the Nauticans, invoke the calming seas of the doldrums in the minds of the enemy. The Nautican's foe become overwhelmed with lethargy as the words sap their will to fight.

All enemy units with any models 12" must pass a leadership test at -2 or immediately have their initiative reduced to 1 and lose any frenzy and hatred they are subject to until the end of the Nautican turn.

The aura of Malaise which pervades the field disturbs the concentration of enemy spellcasters who suffer -1 to all casting attempts in their following magic phase if they are within 12" of the book and the bound spell was successfully cast in the previous Nautican magic phase.

After the words are spoken from the Book of Malaise roll a d6 on a roll of 1 the book's powers are exhausted for the remainder of the battle.

Dream Staff (40pts)
(bound spell, power level 4, one use)

This staff is usually used by Nautican Lords in the quest for precious Kraken eggs to calm any Kraken they should encounter. With the power to cast an enemy leader into a languid state of absent-mindedness this artefact is unique and powerful in the hands of a wily commander.

Once per battle, the dream staff can target any enemy character within 24 inches and line of sight. If the enemy fails it's leadership test-2 then the character appears distracted and confused. Enemy units cannot use the character's leadership in any tests until the beginning of the enemy's next turn.

Enemy models in base contact attacking the bearer always strike last* and lose any frenzy or hatred they were subject to (for as long as the enemy is in base contact with the bearer of the dream staff)**.

* If the enemy model has the always strikes first rule then models attack in initiative order.
** The staff counts as a magical weapon with the above properties for the duration of the battle whether the bound spell is cast successfully or not.

The Silver Gale Ring (30pts, bound spell, power level 3)

This ring seemed to be but a small inconsequential Nautican heirloom - a playful gift from a Nautican prince to his bride. The ring simply enabled the Nautican princess to guide the underwater currents before her. It was only when the Nauticans made landfall that they discovered the true power of the ring on the surface world.

The prince and his bride have long since disappeared from the underwater world, the Nauticans generals now use the ring in battle for it possesses the power to raise a gale on the surface world!

Target an enemy unit within 24" and line of sight of the bearer. When the bound spell within the ring is successfully cast and it's power unleashed the targetted enemy unit is buffetted by powerful winds and cannot march move in it's following movement phase.

After every use of the ring roll a d6, on the roll of a 1 or 2 it's power has been depleted for the remainder of the battle and it cannot be reused and no longer counts as magical.

Seeds of Maze Weed (25pts, one use)

Maze weed is grown by Nautican farmers and eaten with relish by the Nauticans. For other sea faring races the weeds are a dangerous hazard and have resulted in the loss of countless lives as boats and even ships become entangled and lost in the endless maze of weeds that can extend for countless miles across the ocean. Nautican magic has created a virulent weed that can grow almost instantaneously.

The bearer can throw the seeds (during the magic phase) at any enemy within base contact. The unit immediately becomes entangled and loses it's always strikes first rule (if it had it) for the next round of combat (as they attempt to slash the weeds out of their way).

The weeds affect the enemy's movement when they pursue or flee from the current combat engagement. Units that usually pursue/flee 2d6 inches now move 2d6-2 inches, units that usually move 3d6 inches will move only 3d6-3 inches. Flyers are unaffected.

Limpet Mix (25 pts, one use)

A bag of magically enhanced limpets that stick to flat surfaces and grow at a remarkable rate. The Nauticans use these to weigh down passing ships that are deemed to be a threat. The limpets are all but impossible to remove and great ocean going vessels have been sunk within an hour by the weight of these limpets which can quickly grow to giant proportions.

A Nautican character can throw the limpets at an enemy unit within 8" in the shooting phase (roll to hit as normal, no -1 modifer for long range).

If the enemy does not pass an initiative test (a 6 always fails) then the following effects apply:-

  • Any armour bearing enemy that is hit will lose -2 from their armour save for the remainder of the battle as they remove pieces of armour and drop shields and helms that have been overwhelmed by limpets.

  • Enemy models with scaly skin cannot remove the limpets (until the battle is over and there is time to burn them off !) and suffer -1 str for the remainder of the battle but gain +2 armour save from the presence of the limpets.

Pearl Charm (20pts, one use)

The Nauticans hold the jewels of the sea in great esteem believeing them to be things of mystical origin that grant fortune to the bearer.

The bearer can re-roll one d6 dice per battle for any test the bearer has to make. This could include to hit, to wound, armour save, ward save, initiative test or any other test the bearer would usually use his/her profile for.*

* the pearl charm cannot be used to re-roll any test where more than 1 dice is usually used (leadership tests for example)

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