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this Warhammer army is unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Army designed by Sigmar from Battle Reporter.


Zhurf is tasked by the Nautican Lords to map the coastal regions of the world in search of suitable shallower waters for the Nautican people away from the daemonic terrors of the deep. To fulfil his purpose the Nautican mages have custom-made a surboard for fast surface navigation. On land, the board rides atop the crest of an ever present ethereal wave that obeys Zhurf's unspoken command.

Points/model: 155 pts


Save: 5+ ward save

Equipment: hand weapon, Zhurf's Seaboard, Surf Ring

Special Rules: Seaborn*, Loner, Astrolabe Awareness

Zhurf's Seaboard :-

The board is imbued with water elemental energy and can move freely across the battlefield on the crest of an ethereal wave.

The board should be treated as a cavalry mount that can move across walls, hedges fences and low lying terrain features such as swamps without movement restrictions.

Zhurf's board allows him to glide across the battlefield at a standard movement of 8. The first 2 wounds suffered by Zhurf will not affect him but will destroy the board. Without the board, Zhurf's movement rate becomes 4.

Zhurf's board causes 1 str 4 impact hit when he charges into combat.

Surf Ring (bound item : power 5) :-

Zhurf can use his Surf Ring to summon the elemental waters that keep him afloat atop his board and blast this raw elemental power towards his enemies.

Zhurf's ring contains the Aqua Lore Waterblast spell.*

* See the Aqua Lore spells section for rules

Roll a d6 after each use on a roll of 1 or 2 the ring's power has been drained and cannot be used again for the remainder of the battle.


Zhurf's fate is to forever search out new uncharted coastal territories, he works at speed... alone.

Zhurf can never join another Nautican Army unit.

Astrolabe Awareness:-

Zhurf is inherently and acutely aware of his immediate surroundings and all unit movements within the vicinity. He is supernaturally quick to react to all movement.

Zhurf moves an additional d3 inches (more than normal) when charging and during the initial pursuit or flee move.

Nautican Lord , King of the Seas , Guardian of Time , Mermaid (spellcaster)
Nautican Prince , Chanty Singer , Zharc , Zhurf , Zheala , The Coastal Hermit , Siren (spellcaster)

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