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this Warhammer army is unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Army designed by Sigmar from Battle Reporter.


Sirens are similar to Mermaids in form with a fish like tail and Nautican like upper body largely covered with scales and small fins that allows them to glide gracefully through the seas. Sirens scour the seas looking for contact with surface dwellers to sate their curiosity about the air breathers. These magic users sing medolic enchantments that bewilder and confuse those that do not understand the bewildering nature of the seas.

Points/model: 115 pts


Magic: Level 1 spellcaster, can be upgraded to Level 2 for +35 pts.

Equipment: may choose up to 50pts of magic items for the common or Nautican list

May ride The Eternal Wave (+100 pts)

Special Rules: Seaborn, Enchanting Dream

Sirens can choose one of the following lores of magic :-
Aqua Lore, Lore of Light, Lore of Life or Lore of Heavens

Enchanting Dream :-

The Siren's songs of sorrow, joy, fear, heroism, virtue, patience, recklessness and wrath confuse and bewilder enemies within ear shot. Conversely, the same songs fill Nauticans with pride and spur them on to greater deads of valour.

Sirens can only be attacked (in close combat) if the attacker passes a leadership test. *

The siren adds +1 to the combat resolution of a Nautican unit if she is positioned in the front rank.

* spellcasters (ie models allowed to take arcane items) and units immune to psychology can see through the mystical presence of the mermaid to the threat that lies beneath and do not need to take a leadership test.

Nautican Lord , King of the Seas , Guardian of Time , Mermaid (spellcaster)
Nautican Prince , Chanty Singer , Zharc , K'Li Mare , Zheala ,Vortex , Zu Xhi , The Coastal Hermit , Siren (spellcaster)

Image from http://www.reapermini.com
Siren painted by Pascal Rooze (available for commission work : pascalrooze@hotmail.com)

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