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this Warhammer army is unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Army designed by Sigmar from Battle Reporter.

Nautican Character "Mounts"

The Nauticans do not field conventional cavalry like many other armies. The Nautican commanders do however recognise the importance of being able to traverse the battlefield at some speed. As such, the Nautican commanders have fashioned in their own manner magically enhanced means to take the fight to their enemies and provide support to their "foot soldiers".

Options available for Nautican Lords and Heroes

Royal Chariot (110 pts)

Royal Chariot---554---
Trident Guard Captain44-4--528
Two Hippocamps*73-3--31-

Armour Save: 4+, Magic Resistance (1)

Scythes, Oceanic Trident & Scalemail for Trident Guard Captain

Special Rules: Seaborn

*Sea Horses
(resembling normal horses with fish-like tails)

The Great White Titan (80 pts)

A giant Great White shark that was raised by the Nauticans specifically for the purpose of hunting daemonic denizens of the deep. The White Titan is a formiddable opponent once it has tasted it's enemy's blood. The powerful magics of the nautican council of mermaids and sirens keep the titan suspended in everlasting ethereal waters allowing it to "swim" across a battlefield at great speed with it's master mounted on top above the waves.

The Great White Titan74-543224

Special Rules: Bloody Frenzy, Scaly skin 4+, Causes Fear, Armour Piercing Teeth, MR (1)

Bloody Frenzy

Once the White Titan has caused an unsaved wound on an ememy it becomes Frenzied for the remainder of the battle. This frenzy is never lost even if the White Titan is beaten in combat.

For every unsaved wound the Great White Titan causes in it's first round of attacks during each combat phase it may make 2 additional attacks.

"Monstrous Mount"

The Great White Titan follows all the rules for monstrous mounts.

The is only one White Titan so only one can be included in a Nautican Army.

Options available for Mermaids and Sirens

The Eternal Wave (100 pts)

A single mermaid or siren can go into battle on the crest of The Eternal Wave. This elemental force acts as a monstrous mount holding the spellcaster some 15 feet above the battlefield. The wave it totally indestructible only the death of the Mermaid or Siren will banish the wave.

The Eternal Wave20--4-----

Special Rules: Flyer, Breaking Wave, Magic Resistance (2), Held Aloft, +1 army dispel dice


The Wave allows the Mermaid or Siren to move across the battlefield in the same way as a flyer except that it cannot pass over enemy units.

Breaking Wave

If the Mermaid or Siren charges into combat the wave crashes down into the enemy causing d6 str 4 hits.

Held Aloft

While independent from a unit the Mermaid or Siren floats several feet above the ground which provides her with full line of sight over both friendly and enemy units. This also means the mermaid or siren is in line of sight of the enemy in the same way as a Large Target (although the enemy do not gain a +1 to hit for missile fire).

If the Mermaid or Siren is part of a unit then she descends to ground level and is treated like any other normal character that is part of a unit. If she leaves the unit then the Eternal Wave immediately swells again and holds her aloft.

While being held aloft the Mermaid or Siren benefits as being in soft cover.

"Monstrous Mount"

The Wave follows the rules for monstrous mounts in relation to distributing hits from shooting. If the Mermaid or Siren is slain the wave immediately disappears.

Only one Eternal Wave can be included in a Nautican Army.

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