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this Warhammer army is unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Army designed by Sigmar from Battle Reporter.


Silicon based life forms made wholly of sand. These perculiar creatures which the Nauticans appear to have some control over, try to adopt the form of the enemy they are fighting.

Points/model: 6 pts


Unit Size: 10+

Equipment: none

Special Rules: Doppleganger power *, Unbreakable. Cannot be harmed by missile weapons except war machines and magical missiles. Regenerate on unmodified roll on 6.

Options: can upgrade one Sandganger to a Ignimbrite for +8 points

Doppleganger power:-

All profile stats are the same as the enemy opponent's stats minus 1 pt so if the enemy has a weapon skill of 4 then the opposing sandganger has a weapon skill of 3. No stat can be less than 1. Note the wounds stat for a sandganger is always 1 and for an Ignimbrite it is always 2. Sandgangers and Ignimbrites do not have to use their doppleganger power, it is optional at the beginning of each round of combat but the whole unit must either use the power or not.

The sandgangers and Ignimbrite can only adopt the characteristics of models in base to base contact. At the beginning of each round of combat each sandganger can choose which model to copy if more than 1 is in base to base contact. They only adopt the profile stats, not any weaponry or armour being carried or any other special rules that the enemy models benefit from (eg. always strikes first).

There is a limit to how much Sandgangers and Ignimbrites can grow in size. Each sandganger can only adopt the form of enemies up to a unit strength of 2 (eg cavalry). The doppleganger effect can only emulate a single type of enemy, therefore when fighting cavalry the sandganger can only adopt the characteristics of a rider or his mount not both.

Ignimbrites can adopt the form of enemies up to and including Ogre sized enemies (ie an individual model unit strength of 3).

When not in contact with an enemy model the following profiles apply:-


The effect of Sea Storms on Sandgangers.

Sandgangers have trouble forming their shapes and lose substance in water. Sea Storms cause sandgangers 1 wound at the start of every Nautican army turn while the storm lasts (with no saving throws allowed).

Note: Ignimbrites are not affected by Sea Storms.

Image from http://www.reapermini.com

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