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this Warhammer army is unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Army designed by Sigmar from Battle Reporter.

Mariner Souls

Mariners lost in stormy seas haunt the ocean waves. These former sailors and fishermen seek forgivenness for past sins to release their souls into the after life. The Nauticans have used their elemental magics to revive the mariners into undead human form. In return the Mariners fight for the Nauticans looking for redemption and the end of their days or revenge for the wrongs done to them in life.

Points/model: 7 pts

Mariner Soul422331213
Undead Bosun422331223

Unit Size: 20+

Equipment: hand weapon (boat hooks, oars, telescopes and the occassional cutlass)

Special Rules: Undead (cause fear), One Presence, All for One

Options: standard bearer + 11 pts, musician + 6 pts, upgrade one Mariner Soul to a Bosun Soul + 11 pts

Undead Rules:-

The mariners lose an additional wound for every pt by which they lose a combat resolution.

One Presence:-

The mariners are bound as one undead unit, like a single spirit, and always fight together. The army can only contain a single Mariner unit.

All for One:-

The mariner souls are closely bound to the fate of the Nautican Army's general, it is he who controls them and it was his order that bestowed upon them their bodily form.

The unit must remain within 12" of the army general to be able to march move. If the mariner souls find themselves further than 12" from the army general at the beginning of the Nautican turn then the unit immediately suffers a wound with no saving throws allowed.

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