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this Warhammer army is unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Army designed by Sigmar from Battle Reporter.

Man o' War (Giant Jellyfish)

The giant Man o' War is an unseeing, unthinking, unknowing creature of the seas. It wanders seemingly aimlessly across the planet enveloping, paralyzing and eating all before it. The Nauticans have imbued the jellyfish with elemental aqua magic and it now glides through the skys as it once did the oceans.

Points/model: 170 pts

Giant Jellyfish1335461d6+17

Unit Size: 1 (unit strength 6, base size 50 x 50mm)

Equipment: none

Special Rules: Flyer (10 inches), Stupidity, Large Target, Paralyzing attack, Overflight, Causes Fear, Immunity to psychology, Regeneration (5+)

Paralyzing attack:-

The giant jellyfish always attempts to paralyze it's foe before devouring it alive.

Any models suffering an unsaved wound lose an attack in that combat turn (if they have not already attacked).


The jellyfish will typically over fly an enemy and drape it's stinging tendrils over it's prey before attacking it.

Any enemy that the jelly fish overflies will suffer D6 str 3 paralyzing attacks from the nerve agent stingers trailing behind the jellyfish (distributed as shooting hits).

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