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this Warhammer army is unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Army designed by Sigmar from Battle Reporter.

Ghost Wreck

The oceans are strewn with ancient wrecks, casualties of fierce storms and sea farer wars. Some Ghost Wrecks lie near ocean bed vents where chaos seaps into the world and vie for dominance against the tides of magic. These magics have brought unlife to some of these wrecks and filled them with the reanimated wrathful souls of the dead. They fight for vengeance against the the world and those that wronged them in their living days.

Points/model: 105 pts

Ghost Wreck3d6--544---
Mariner Souls Crew422331213

Unit Size: 1 wreck (with 5 crew)

Armour Save: 5+

Equipment: hand weapons

Options: can be given a Whalers Harpoon* for 30 pts.

Special Rules: Chariot, Undead, Ocean Glider, Impact Hits, Regenerate, Large Target

Ocean Glider:-

The ghost wreck rides on imaginary waves.

The wreck behaves like a chariot but glides a few feet from the ground. All flat and low lying obstacles (such as rivers and hedges) are treated as open ground.

Impact Hits:-

The wreck causes D6 str 5 impact hits from it's jagged bow when it charges into combat.

Whaler's Harpoon:-

36 inch range str 6 bolt thrower which can move and fire. If engaged in close combat the harpoon can be swung on it's mounted platform by 3 crewmen to deliver a single str 6 melee attack (using the WS of the crewmen). It takes 3 crewmen to wield the harpoon in such a manner, the remaining 2 crewmen fight as normal.

Undead Rules:-

The mariners lose an additional wound for every pt by which they lose a combat resolution.

All undead cause fear and are immune to psychology.

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