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this Warhammer army is unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Army designed by Sigmar from Battle Reporter.

The Leviathan

The scourge of the Nautican people, these ferocious beasts are a match for any creature ever fielded in battle on the surface world. They are the world's underwater Dragons. A Leviathan will not fight willingly for the Nauticans, the few which the army has in it's service were raised from captured eggs and carefully nurtured for hundreds of years. Even a "trained" Leviathan remains far from tame and is extremely dangerous for friend and foe alike.

Points/model: 380 pts

The Leviathan660665668

Unit Size: 1 (chariot base size)

Equipment: none

Special Rules:
Large Target, Causes Terror, Stubborn, Territorial, Instinctive Killer, Endless Pursuit, Oblivious, Frenzy

Saves: Leviathan Scales 4+ armour save, Magic Resistance (2)

* the Leviathan was partly created by chaos magics leaking into the ocean bed and does not inherently hate Chaos Daemons like the rest of the Nautican army.


No army can ever contain more than 1 Leviathan, the creatures are intensely territorial and would fight each other to the death.

Instinctive Killer:-

Millenia in the deep cruel oceans, where food has often been scarce and danger ever present, has programmed the Leviathan to kill and ask questions later ! Indeed the Leviathan only does 3 things, it kills, it eats and it sleeps.

Until the Leviathan has been engaged in it's 1st combat it literally does not know who it's enemy is, as far as the Leviathan is concerned every creature on the battlefield is a legitimate target. As the battle progresses a Leviathan becomes ever more conscious of it's feral need to kill and eat.

Until the Leviathan has been engaged in it's first combat, roll a D6 at the beginning of each Nautican turn (starting from turn 2)

On the below results the Leviathan charges the nearest unit (friend or foe) and does not stop attacking until either the unit is destroyed / flees or the Kraken has been destroyed / flees.
(note: the Leviathan always pursues a fleeing enemy - see Endless Pursuit rule below)

Turn 1 - under control
Turn 2 - roll of 6
Turn 3 - roll of 5+
Turn 4 - roll of 4+
Turn 5 - automatically attacks nearest unit.

Endless Pursuit:-

For thousands of years Leviathans have hunted in the deep. They eat anything and everything but their staple diet is usually whale, orca and giant squid. The Leviathans are devious and relentless monsters that never, ever give up a chase. Many a killer whale has died of exhaustion hundreds of miles away from the original start of the hunt.

A Leviathan always pursues fleeing enemies and pursues 3d6+2 inches.


The Leviathan is totally oblivious of inconsequential goings on around it. It looks only for threats and killing opportunities.

The Leviathan does not recognise it's general or the battle standard bearer and gets no benefit from being close to either.

Image from http://www.reapermini.com

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