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this Warhammer army is unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Army designed by Sigmar from Battle Reporter.

Oceanic Trident Guard

The most skilful, best equipped and disciplined of all rank and file Nautican units. These Nauticans are the pride of their race.

Points/model: 12 pts

Trident Guard443431518
Guard Captain443431528

Unit Size: 10+ (25x25mm base size)

Equipment: Sea Trident*, Kraken Shields*, Scalemail*

Special Rules: Seaborn, Stubborn (while the army general or battle standard bearer lives), Bodyguard

Options: standard +12 pts, musician + 6 pts, promote Guard to Captain +12 pts. One unit may be equipped with the Oceanic Trident at a cost of 1pt per model.

Any Oceanic Trident Guard unit may carry a magic standard with a value up to 50pts.

A Guard Captain may carry a Magic Weapon or Magic Armour up to 25pts in value.

*note: see Nautican army special equipment rules


The Oceanic Trident Guard are the elite personal bodyguard of Nautican Lords and Princes. It is beneath them to fight for peace loving mermaids and sirens or non Nautican characters.

Only one Oceanic Trident Guard can be included in the army per Nautican Lord or Prince (not including Nautican Special Characters)

Image from http://www.dragonrune.com

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