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this Warhammer army is unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Army designed by Sigmar from Battle Reporter.


The strange race known to the Nauticans as the Aqualops live deep down in the oceans. They dwell so deep and are so scare that the Nauticans rarely encounter them because even the bravest Trident Guard captain would fear swimming under such deep water pressures.

The Aqualops farm sea sprouts for food, these perculiar organisms spawn from spores in laval rock. They resemble seaweeds but have been given an animate existence by the magical hot underwater vents forced open by the ceaseless incursions of chaos.

Pts/model: 80 pts


Base Size: 40x40mm

Unit Size: 1-2

Equipment: One Spore Rock, Claws and bad wind !

Special Rules: Scaly Skin 3+, Immune to Psychology, Stubborn

Spore Rock

These rocks contain the lifeblood of the Aqualop race - sea sprouts or "Sweadlings" as they are known by the Nauticans. Aqualops eat sea sprouts, in fact they eat nothing but sea sprouts (hence the repugnant odour that surrounds them in the low pressures of the surface world).

Each Aqualop carries a single Spore Rock into battle. Their tight grip keeps enough pressure on the Seaweedling spores to keep them from exploding forth into the surface world. The Spore Rocks usually sprout very slowly, just once every few years in the deep ocean chasms but the low air pressure on land vastly accelerates their growth rate turning them into living seaweed bombs !

Shooting a Spore Rock

An Aqualops can throw the spore rock during the shooting phase at the enemy or into open ground (if there are 2 Aqualops in a unit then they must both throw their rocks at the same time although they may choose different targets).

The Aqualops can throw the spore up to 8 inches, use the small artillery template and roll the artillery and scatter dice as usual.

Any models hit suffer a str2 hit with no armour save from the exploding spore that sprays blinding acid and spreads choking toxic fumes.

If the spore rock did not cause a direct hit then move the template in the direction of the scatter dice but only half of the distance indicated by the artillery dice.

If the artillery dice indicated a misfire then the Aqualops has inadvertently dropped the Rock Spore causing d6 str 2 hits (on himself only) with no armour save.

An Aqualops cannot use the Spore Rock in a stand and shoot reaction (they are far too dim witted and slow to be able to think of such a thing !)

If an Aqualops or his unit is engaged in combat before he has thrown his Spore Rock then he will immediately drop the rock causing d6 str2 hits on himself and d6 str2 hits on the enemy that engaged him in combat (with no armour save for either the Aqualops or his enemy).

An Aqualops that flees will automatically toss the Spore Rock over his shoulder. This causes no damage to either him or anyone standing behind him ! He cannot retrieve the Spore Rock later in the game and counts as having already thrown it.

Note: an Aqualops only takes one Spore Rock into battle, once it has been thrown or dropped the Aqualops cannot throw another one.

The Spore Rock Spawning

Spore Rocks explode on impact and instantly unleash the astonishingly fast growing Seaweedlings "living" within it.


Base Size: 20x20mm

Equipment: none but an annoying habit of getting in the way !

Special Rules: Unbreakable, Entangle, Swarm

The Seaweed "Swarm"

Whenever an Aqualops throws a rock during his shooting phase (not when he drops it when receiving a charge or fleeing) the spores will spread and instantly turn into Seaweedlings.

Each spore will explode into 3d6 Seaweedlings on impact. If the Spore hit it's target then line the Seaweedlings up against the enemy unit with the maximum number of Seaweedlings in base contact. Seaweedlings will usually be lined up with the enemy's front rank but if the Spore was thrown from within the enemy's flank or rear arc then the Seaweedlings should be lined up against the enemy's flank or rear respectively.

If the Spore missed it's target then line the Seaweedlings' front rank (5 wide) around the centre of the small template pointing towards the enemy the spore was thrown at. Note that if the Spore missed it's target the Seaweedlings' front rank must be no closer than 1" from it's targeted enemy.

Seaweedlings erupting from rock spores which hit their target in the shooting phase count as having charged in the following combat phase.

If the Spore Rocks thrown by two Aqualops in the same unit land in the same place (ie. if the small templates are touching) then the resulting Seaweedling units can be formed up as a single unit. If the templates did not touch then the Seaweedlings count as 2 separate units and must be positioned at least 1" apart from one another.

A Seaweedling unit does NOT suffer casualties as a result of being hit by a Spore Rock.


All models in an enemy unit in base contact with a Seaweedling unit lose the always strikes first rule (if they had it). In addition, all models in the enemy unit suffer -1 to their strength as the "weeds" tug at their legs and weapons while the suffocating "Sweadling" toxic fumes sap the enemy's strength.


Seaweedlings are formed up as individual 20mm base models but act like a swarm. Seaweedlings are unbreakable and have the skirmisher rule, they also suffer additional wounds if beaten in combat. The Seaweedling unit suffers an additional wound for every point by which they lose a combat resolution.

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