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this Warhammer army is unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Army designed by Sigmar from Battle Reporter.

Octopus Giganteus

A dangerous and cunning predator of the deep - one that the Nauticans have moulded to their will through patience and mutual benefit.

Points/model: 200 pts

Octopus Giganteus633548387

Unit Size: 1 (unit strength 5, base size 50 x 50mm)

Equipment: none

Special Rules: Stupidity (see Predator Patience), Causes Fear, Large Target, Octo Wounds (see below), treats difficult terrain like open ground *, Inky Mist (see below), Predator Patience (see below)

* Mountains, walls, houses, and woods are no obstacle for a Giant Octopus. It can scale any height and literally pulls itself through woods by using the trees.

Octo Wounds Special Rule:-

For each wound the Octupus suffers it loses one attack (eg. an Octopus with 4 wounds left only has 4 attacks)

Inky Mist:-

The Octopus may vacate it's ink glands once per battle. Either...

1) The Octopus can voluntarily flee from a combat 2D6 inches and cannot be pursued as the inky mist temporarily blinds it's enemy. The Octopus can attempt to rally from it's next turn as normal.


2) The Octopus involuntarily expels an inky mist from it's glands when it is reduced to 4 wounds or less. This mist quickly surrounds the Octopus, envelopes it and moves with it and any enemy in base contact until the beginning of the Nautican's next turn.

While the mist prevails All models fighting the Octopus suffer -1 to Hit and -1 to Initiative and lose the always strikes first ability (if they possess it). Also, enemies cannot pursue an Octopus through the mist if it flees.

All shooting at the Octopus is at -1 to hit while the mist lasts.

Predator Patience:-

By nature an Octopus is a patient predator waiting for it's prey to come within range before launching an attack.

If the Octupus fails it's stupidity test it shuffles itself into the ground allowing itself to adopt a low profile to lie in wait for the enemy. The Octopus cannot move until the beginning of the new Nautican turn (if it passes it's next stupidity test).

In this position the Octopus no longer counts as a large target and benefits from soft cover (-1 to hit for missile weapons).

Image owned by dragonrune minis, used with permission.

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