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this Warhammer army is unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Army designed by Sigmar from Battle Reporter.

Giant Crabs

These crabs have grown huge over 300 years in the deep. They come as a mating pair and fight for the Nauticans and for one another. They are extremely difficult to kill but pity the fool who does send one to a watery grave !

Points/model: 160 pts (for the pair)

Giant Crab430353237

Unit Size: 2* (50x50mm base size per crab), Unit Strength 6 (3 per crab).
*only one pair can be taken for each 1000pts in the army

Equipment: none

Special Rules: Mating Pair (see below), Stubborn, Causes Fear

Armour Save 3+

Crab Mating Pair rules:-

In the event that one crab should die the other will (on a roll of 3-6) gain eternal hatred (every round of combat) and eternal frenzy (every round of combat). Or on a roll of 1 or 2, the surviving crab will bury itself in the ground to die and will take no further part in the battle.

Crushing Pincers:-

The pincers of a crab take little heed for shields or even plate mail armour. Once grabbed by a pincer armour is of little help as the pincer squeezes and crushes the opponent within it's own armoured coffin.

For enemies with an armour save of:-

6, the crab gains +1 str
5, the crab gains +2 str
4, the crab gains +3 str
3 or better the crab gains +4 str

Granite Crush:-

The crabs grip is second to none in the Oceans, once the crab has seized it's quarry death is almost a certainty.

In the combat phase the crab can sacrifice it's normal attacks for a single granite crush attack in an attempt to try to squash it's enemy into a pulp. Roll to hit as normal, a granite crush attack causes a single str10 hit resulting in D3 wounds. The crush is so traumatic that the enemy cannot use a Regenerate save. The crush is only effective against single models up to Ogre Size (ie. unit strength 3 or less)


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