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this Warhammer army is unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Army designed by Sigmar from Battle Reporter.

Admiral Lord Nolsen

Admiral Lord Nolsen was the greatest ever commander of sea faring forces in the Warhammer world, he graced many a sea battle and has the scars to show it (minus an eye and an arm !). He was defeated and killed in a great sea battle by a musket round. He has been reanimated into undeath by the Nauticans with whom he shares a great affinity and he now gladly lends them his great leadership skills.

Points/model: 155 pts

Lord Nolsen4333333210

Equipment: Admiralty sword, Admiralty ring, All seeing telescope.

Special Rules: Seaborn, Legendary Commander, Beloved, Mariner Soul.

Admiralty Sword:-
Lord Nolsen bears the admiralty sword and while he can use this to attack he prefers to avoid such vulgar behaviour and will parry enemy attacks instead to allow his fellow Nauticans to dispose of his foes.

At the Nautican player's discretion, declared at the beginning of the combat phase, Nolsen can sacrifice a single attack to parry a single enemy attack. Roll a D6 on a roll of 4-6 the enemy's attack is automatically parried and has no further effect. Attacks not parried are resolved normally.

Admiralty Ring:-
Bestows a 4+ ward save on Lord Nolsen against all ranged attacks (including magic) and 5+ ward save against close comnbat attacks.

Legendary Commander:-
All units within 18" of Lord Nolsen can use his leadership for all leadership tests. One unit within 18" of Lord Nolsen can reroll one leadership test once per turn*

* note: this cannot be a test which has already been re-rolled "you cannot reroll a reroll"

Once per battle any friendly character in base to base contact with Lord Nolsen can sacrifice his life to save Lord Nolsen's life. If Lord Nolsen is reduced to zero wounds he is immediately restored to 1 wound and the character sacrificing his life is removed as a casualty.

Mariner Soul:-
Such is the legendary status of Lord Nolsen that even the dead remember him and will summon themselves to fight under his leadership.

Any army including Lord Nolsen can take an additional unit of Mariner Souls into battle.

All Seeing Telescope:-
Admiral Lord Nolsen was an astute commander with a wary eye (just one !) that saw everything unfolding on the sea of battle.

Once per turn Lord Nolsen can use his telescope to espy an enemy unit. This unit must then reveal the existence of all the magical items and any hidden troops (eg. goblin fanatics, Dark Elf assassins etc.) to the Nautican player.

Nautican Lord , King of the Seas , Guardian of Time , Vulcanis , Admiral Lord Nolsen , Mermaid (spellcaster)
Nautican Prince , Chanty Singer , Zharc , Zhurf , Zheala , The Coastal Hermit , Siren (spellcaster)

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