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this Warhammer army is unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Army designed by Sigmar from Battle Reporter.

Draft 5.0 of the Nautican unofficial Warhammer army has been released

Nautican Warhammer Fantasy Army pdf updated to draft 5.0

(click the army book cover to view online or download pdf)

I've tried to take into account much of the feedback from various forums, in particular warseer and warhammer.org.uk

Important: I have only updated the pdf to draft 5.0. This website still contains draft 4.0. I will update this over the next couple of weeks.

The changes are mainly balancing. There are no new units or rules (except Seaweedlings that are now proper swarms). Several rules have been simplified and some special rules removed.

Here's a summary of changes:-

Army Wide Special Rules

Water feature terrain placement
Simplified Sea Storm movement penalty
Reduced likelihood of storm continuing
Sea Storm bound Lightning Bolt spell - cast once only at beginning of battle
Removed Chanty Singer (casualty rule)

Aqua Lore

3 - Sea Surge - removed +1 inch per magic level of the caster
5 - Water Elemental - changed desc so only 1 can be raised at any one time and must be within 18" of a water feature, increased casting power from 9 to 10, stubborn instead of unbreakable, leadership 8 instead of 10
6 - Tidal Wave - complete rewrite

Core Units

Coral Hunters
- Safety in Numbers rule removed

Crest Riders
- Safety in Numbers rule removed
- Wave Breaking charge simplified
- Restriction on use, depends on number of Mermaids or Sirens (2 per mermaid, 1 per Siren)

Wave Breakers
- pts value increase from 5pts to 6pts

- removed immunity to missile fire
- removed regen 6
- added immunity to poison (they're made out of sand !)
- reduced basic profile stats Ws2, S2
- added "Crumble" rule
- pts reduced from 6 to 5

- barb charge reduced to from str+2 to str+1
- restriction on use, (units after the 1st must be taken as special or rare)
- minimum unit size increased from 3+ to 4+
- leadership increased from 6 to 7

Special Units

- Seaweedlings changed to swarm bases (d3 swarm bases rather than 3d6 individual Seaweedlings)

- Angular Attack rule greatly simplified
- Leviathan Charge rule greatly simplified

Tripoon Battery
- pts increase from 95pts to 115pts

Rare Units

-some commentary changes (reverse table under control on 2+

- removed leadership rerolls
- removed missile fire rerolls
- magic rerolls exclude miscasts
- pts cost reduced from 240 to 180

Magic Items


Sea Staff - removed minor rule (incoming magical attacks) for simplication
Swordfish Broadsword - removed "not subject to always strikes last"
Snake o' Nine Tails - reduced strength from 3 to 2,


Crystal Crown - removed "shatter rule" for simplification
Great Clam Shield - removed rebound of saved attacks

Arcane Items

Muses Harp - changed leadership test -1 to leadership test, power expended on roll of 1 or 2 (not 1)
Knowledge of Shoal Strength - removed +1 to cast from "donated" power dice
Emerald Eye of the Kraken - increased from 30 to 40pts
Coral Amulet - removed "even if fleeing"

Enchanted Items

Dream Staff - no longer bound spell just one use
Book of Maliase - power depleted on a roll of 1 or 2 (not 1)


Venomous Spine - increased from 30 to 35 pts
Sea Sponge Standard - removed extra power dice for absorbed spells

Miscellaneous Corrections:
- change Kraken Shield to Leviathan Shield (Nautican Lord, Nautican Prince, Trident Guard)
- change all references to Manta Rays to Sting Rays

Note: this army is totally unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop

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