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this Warhammer army is unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Army designed by Sigmar from Battle Reporter.


Abominations, alien looking in both sea and land habitats. These creatures are extremely dangerous to land creatures, possessing neuromuscular paralysing venoms unknown on the surface world. A single touch can lead to near instant motor paralysis and almost certain death, even their Nautican masters keep a safe distance from the Octobipods.

Points/model: 48 pts

Blue Ring*630444446

(* A Blue Ring shares the same profile as an Octobipod but it's venom exudes from all it's pores and is more toxic than it's cousin the Octobipod. A Blue Ring's poison wounds automatically on a 'To Hit' roll of 5+)

Unit Size: 3+ (base size 40 x 40mm)

Equipment: none

Special Rules: Seaborn, Creatures of the Reef, Causes Fear, Poisonous (and immunity to poison), Grapple, Slippery When Wet !

Options: A unit of 4 or more Octobipods may upgrade an Octobipod to a Blue Ring +20pts (Blue Rings are very rare !)


Eight tentacles and two arms make an Octobipod very difficult to attack. Even the most skilful of enemies will find their striking and blocking impeded by the flailing tentacles of an Octobipod that will attempt to wrest shields, weapons and armour from it's foe.

  • Shields are easily clasped, deflected or prised away by a creature with 8 tentacles. For the purposes of close combat, treat any enemy bearing a shield as though they do not have a shield.
  • Because Octobopids are so difficult to attack enemies suffer -1 to hit in close combat.

  • Slippery When Wet !

    Octobipods have three hearts and a lot of arms that impede even the most expert killers, there are also very slippery and therefore are not affected by the "Killing Blow" rule, it counts as a normal attack*

    * this does not apply to the Wood Elves' "Killing Shot" or any other "Killing Blow" ranged weapon.

    Octobipods are more prevalent in warmer waters where the Octopus Giganteus abides.

    A Nautican army containing an Octopus Giganteus make take a single unit of Octobipods as a special unit choice (additional units of Octobipods count as rare unit choices).

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