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this Warhammer army is unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Army designed by Sigmar from Battle Reporter.


Natural predators of the deep, quick to strike and ever more dangerous as the scent of blood pervades their senses and the insatiable hunger for fresh meat rages within them.

Points/model: 55 pts

Tiger Wereshark540543447

Unit Size: 2+ (base size 40 x 40mm)

Equipment: none

Special Rules: Seaborn, Creatures of the Deep, Causes Fear, Armour Piercing Teeth, Scaly Skin (5+), Wereshark Frenzy, Insatiable Predator

Options: upgrade a Wereshark to a Tiger Wereshark +15pts

Wereshark Frenzy

Unable to contain their voracious appetitie, weresharks become stronger and more ferocious as they get a taste for their opponents blood.

Unlike normal frenzy, the unit is not granted an automatic additional attack. Instead, the unit is granted an additional strength 5 attack for each unsaved wound inflicted on their enemy from their normal attacks in each round of combat.

Like normal Frenzy, if the unit is beaten in combat the Wereshark frenzy is lost for the remainder of the battle.

Insatiable Predator

A wereshark's natural prey is the Manta Ray, for this reason commanders are often wary of including both of these creatures in their army. When they do, all too frequently, a unit of Manta Rays will "go missing".

If a unit of Weresharks is included in the army then Manta Rays have to be selected as a rare unit choice not a special unit choice.

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