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this Warhammer army is unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Army designed by Sigmar from Battle Reporter.

two new Nautican units joining the army

Following the 2 recent thrashings I received at the hands of the Dark Elves...

...and lots of thought, dice rolling and skimming through the other army books I have decided to introduce 2 new units to the Nautican ranks and move some other units around (notably the undead mariner souls / ghost wreck).

News Date: 11th March 2009

1) Shallow Swimmers

Plain rank and file "archers", non-skimishing, lightly armed and armoured Bs3 speargunners with str3 spearguns that shoot 24" (probably, although I might make this 16"). Note: no poison, unlike the elite Bs4 Deep Divers who have 16" spearguns + poison.

2) Crest Riders (or "Cresters")

Lightly armed and armoured (or maybe no armour at all) "fast cavalry" equivalents. Can wield spears or (possibly) javelins. They ride on top of the crest of a wave that will crash into enemy ranks causing impacts hits (maybe d6 str4 - to be decided). The wave only lasts for their first charge of the game.

Note: there will be a restrictions on the use of this unit; 10-20 models in size and only 1 unit per magic power dice that the Nauticans start the battle with.

Artwork by Gareth Pannan - used with permission

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