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this Warhammer army is unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Army designed by Sigmar from Battle Reporter.

Coral Hunters

The smallest and most timid of all Nautican creatures (nicknamed "Sprats" by other Nautican units), these "lower sea beings" group together for safety and hunt quickly in numbers. The greater Nautican Generals spotted their potential and trained them to wield spearguns and respond to battlefield commands. Nonetheless, they remain nervous and somewhat unreliable in combat.

Fishers are small, naturally instinctive hunters of underwater caverns and deep faults. They group together for safety.

Points/model: 3 pts

Coral Hunter523221415

Unit Size: 10-25

Equipment: The Fisher Speargun

Special Rules: Seaborn, Anarchic, "Small Fry", Safety in Numbers

Options: Upgrade a Coral Hunter to a Sharpshot +2 pts


"Sprats" are extremely protective of their self governance and will not suffer the internal leadership of anybody but another "sprat". Their internal disorganised state is in any case a mystery to the other Nautican peoples who have long since given up trying to make sense of "sprat" behaviour.

Units of Coral Hunters cannot be joined by a character.

"Small Fry"

Other Nauticans look down on Coral Hunters (literally), they are seen as being dispensable and almost inconsequential. Nauticans expect "Sprats" to be easily wiped out or flee from combat.

Nautican units never suffer panic as a result of the poor performance of "Sprats" on the battlefield. This includes a "Sprat" unit being destroyed, breaking from combat or a "Sprats" unit fleeing through a friendly Nautican unit.

Safety in Numbers

Sprats are nervous sea creatures and prefer the protection offered by fighting in large numbers. Small units of sprats will often search out other units and form up into larger groups.

Coral Hunter units can join other Coral Hunter units in their movement phase providing this does not increase the combined unit size beyond their allowed maximum of 25 models.

During the movement phase a sprat unit may join another sprat unit by moving (or march moving if possible) into contact with the target sprat unit*. The target unit cannot move during the maneuver (it's too busy making space in it's ranks for it's new friends). Neither unit can use their spearguns for that turn** but may operate normally from the beginning of their following turn.

The final combined unit adopts the same file formation (eg. 5 models wide) of the target unit. The newly arrived sprats are placed in the rear ranks of the target unit.

* in precisely the same way that one units charges another.
** including stand and shoot charge reactions.

Note: Coral Hunters do NOT count towards minimum number of Core Units

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