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this Warhammer army is unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Army designed by Sigmar from Battle Reporter.


Half bipod, half lobster - these underwater abberations resemble huge upright, walking insects! The lobstrosities have long been employed by the Nautican peoples - they are mindless and slow to act but are very reliable and easily controlled (with fish !)

Points/model: 32 pts


Unit Size: 2+ (40x40mm base size)

Equipment: one very large pincer and a squid beak jaw

Special Rules: Unbreakable, Killing Blow or Parry*, Carapace facing, Relentless

Options: Upgrade a Lobstrosity to a Grandimanus + 14 pts.

Parry Special Ability

At the cost of losing one attack per lobstrosity/grandimanus and the unit's killing blow special ability for that turn, the lobstrosity unit can use it's pincers to attempt to block enemy blows*.

* an attempt to parry must be declared before the enemy attacks.

The lobstrosity unit rerolls each enemy dice that hit the lobstrosity unit (a single reroll for each hit). If the roll is equal or higher than the original enemy hit roll then that hit is discarded.

** note enemies which automatically hit (eg. Magic weapon) cannot be parried.

Carapace Facing

The lobstrosity is part lobster and part insectoid in appearance. It always moves with it's pincers protecting it's weak underbelly to protect against ranged weaponry until it enters combat.

To represent this the lobstrosity has a 3+ armour save against missile fire and 4+ save in close combat.


Lobstrosities might not be fast but they simply do not stop, they are always ready to attack and defend themselves.

Lobstrosities can march move even if they are within 8 inches of the enemy.

Image used with permission of HydraMiniatures (http://hydraminiatures.com)

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